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Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
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Data Loggers – Know Your Options

omni instruments data loggers

Data loggers play a very important role in the automatic data collection process. Regardless of whether it is a measurement of pressure, temperature, humidity, voltage levels, weight or any other form of data that has to be measured physically, in set intervals, round the clock, data loggers will take care of the process. In other words, these devices have made manual data logging obsolete in many industries.

There are number of advantages in using these data loggers including increasing accuracy levels, minimised errors that are normally associated with human flaws and reduced operational costs. When one sets out to buy a data logger, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the different types of data loggers so that right choices could be made. Not all types of data loggers will be suitable for all situations. Here are some of the most common types of data loggers available to you.

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Single and Dual Channel Data Logging


If you are looking for loggers for small operations then these single and dual channel data loggers will be an ideal choice. You do not have to go for advanced loggers with all the bells and whistles for smaller operations. Even though these are simplest of all the data loggers, you will be able to measure various parameters any advanced data logger will measure such as pressure, temperature, voltage, etc.











Panel and Enclosure Mounted Data Loggers


Multichannel_1367_1These data loggers are ideal for situations where you need to maintain multiple channels. You will be able to handle up to 72 or more inputs and some of the cover up to 90 channels if the logic channels are taken into account. These loggers could be mounted on wall or on the panel. These data loggers are capable of performing pre-set calculations on the input data collected.







Remote Data Logging



These are internet enabled data loggers that could operate in both GPRS and WiFi environments. The wireless range could up to 3 km. Data acquisition is also possible through variety of methods including but not limited to LAN, email, web browsers as well as through SMS. Remote data loggers are suitable for operations where continued human presence is not possible for various reasons including viability, expenses, reach, etc. Multichannel Universal Input Data Logger Range If you are looking for easy onsite configuration of the data loggers then these loggers will prove to be an excellent option. You can choose top program these loggers through Windows software. These loggers could handle four to thirty-two inputs with a maximum logging rate of 100Hz. Data Taker Logger Range These loggers are highly suitable for complex data acquisition scenarios whereby these loggers have 5 to 90 universal analogue channels with a maximum of 60 digital channels. It can handle the following serial inputs – SDI-12, RS232 and RS485. These loggers are suitable for remote data acquisition needs too.



Graphtec Data Logger Range



Easy to configure this logger onsite. It can handle up to 200 channels. Remote data acquisition is also possible through WIFI, LAN and Ethernet. Pace Scientific 4 & 8 Channel Data Logger Range These are highly portable data loggers with 4 and 8 channel options. It could be used for remote data acquisition needs too.





Eltek Specialist Data Logger Range



These loggers can handle anywhere between 4 and 96 channels. It could be integrated with digital as well as counter channels seamlessly without a problem.






Specialist and Bespoke Logging Systems



When the standard data loggers do not meet your customs requirements due to various technical specifications, it is possible find bespoke logging systems, which are built specially to suit your needs. Regardless of the logging parameter, logging cycle, it is possible to build a logger that will deliver exactly what you need.

Before you set out to buy your data logger, first understand your data logging requirements. Create a detailed data logging specifications document. Secondly, make a market research to understand the various types that are available in the industry. Look for a dependable vendor, someone with excellent reputation and credibility. If you lack the required technical background to make intelligent choices, then it is best to get in touch with the supplier that you have identified and get their professional guidance. Here two things are important firstly selecting the most appropriate type of data logger for your requirements and secondly, finding the most trusted supplier of data loggers who will not only supply the data loggers but will provide you with on-going support.







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