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Tinytag Energy Logger Hire Unit

Tinytag Energy Logger Hire Unit

The Tinytag Energy Logger Hire Unit can be used to monitor single and three phase energy supplies and is very simple and easy to use portable energy logger. Current measurements are taken using flexible non-invasive coils and the voltage readings are collected from the connected UK mains supply for quick and easy installation. The unit provides 6 weeks continuous logging at 5 minute intervals. The hire unit is supplied with a carry case, three current coils, UK mains leads, a USB cable, a copy of the Tinytag Explorer software and a user manual.


Key Features

Flexible coils for quick and easy use:

Current is measured using flexible coils that are clipped easily around conductors (where larger rigid clamps may not fit) and the voltage reading is taken from a standard mains cable. Two models of Energy Logger are available, with different diameter coils to suit different applications.

Supplied in its own carry case, the unit is small and lightweight making it ideal for use in on-site visits.

Automatic user prompts display step-by-step instructions for setting up the unit. Once connected the unit will self-configure and current, voltage and power readings will be displayed.

On-site PC not required to start logging:
Simply press a button on the logger and logging can be started and stopped multiple times to allow different pieces of equipment to be monitored in one operation, without the need to save data to a computer at the end of each logging run.

The unit’s display shows instantaneous RMS current (A) from all three phases, the instantaneous RMS voltage (V), an instantaneous overall power figure (kW) and a power factor for all three phases.

Automatic software calculations:
When data is downloaded in the Tinytag Explorer software, the following information is calculated and displayed:

  • Peak and average current
  • Peak and average power
  • Overall peak and average power
  • Energy usage information (kWh)
  • A power factor for each phase

Simple download, display and management of data:
Data is viewed and managed with Tinytag Explorer software and can be exported to spreadsheet programmes such as Excel. For profiling buildings, data can be combined with temperature and relative humidity data from other loggers in the Tinytag range.

High accuracy:
The logger has a typical accuracy of 2% when used in applications containing a combination of resistive, inductive and switched loads.

The Tinytag Energy Logger Hire is supplied in a carry case with three current coils, UK mains leads, a USB cable, a copy of the Tinytag Explorer software and a user manual.

To Hire the unit, or to get further information, including pricing, please visit our TGE-Hire unit webpage.

The Tinytag Energy Logger is also available for sale and is normally a stock item. If you would be interested in purchasing a new unit, please visit the Tinytag Energy Logger page.