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MX52 16 Channel Alarm/Display Unit

MX52 16 Channel Alarm/Display Unit

Quick Overview

MX52 is a modular control panel for up to 16 channels. The MX52 connects to the OLC, CEX and CTX ranges of gas detectors, plus any other 4-20 mA device can be monitored and controlled. The unit is an alarm/display unit with fixed or scrolling display, 3 programmable alarm thresholds per channel, fault alarm, analogue and serial outputs.
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  • Programmable keyboard
  • Modular control panel (3U, 19")
  • Master digital display
  • Up to 16 channels
  • 33 gas alarm thresholds, one with time delay, 1 common fault alarm
The innovative features of the MX 52 are integrated into a 3U 19” rack frame for use in a variety of applications. The MX 52 can be programmed either through the keyboard or by an external PC.

Each of the 16 channels performs the following:

  • continuous monitoring of connected detector(s)
  • cyclic display of the detected gas, its status, content and unit (ppm, LEL or %)
  • alarms are initiated if concentration exceeds preset thresholds
  • relays activated to enable external warning devices (valves, audio/visual alarms)
  • fault alarms
  • 4-20 mA outputs
  • serial RS485 Modbus interface

Type: Wall mounted controller
Function: Microcontroller-based multichannel monitor
Capacity: 8 cards, 2 independent channels each (max 16 channels)
Display: Fluorescent 2 lines 16 fixed or scrolling characters

Fault alarms:

System functioning normally
Faulty interface link
Faulty detector
Faulty microcontroller
Specific channel identification with yellow LED
Common fault relay
Gas alarms:

3 independent thresholds per channel
Third threshold delayed or averaged
Automatic or manual reset
Programmable increasing or decreasing alarm
Visual red LED
Relay output per channel (alarm 1 and 2), common relay on alarm 3
Audible alarm: 80 dB at 30cm

2 independent gas alarm relays per channel (2 A - 250
VAC Rating for resistive load)
1 common gas alarm 3 relay or common audible alarm transfer (programmable)
1 common fault relay
Programmable positive or negative safety on alarm relays
Fail safe on fault
Programmable NC or NO output on alarm 1, alarm 2 and fault alarm, SPDT on alarm 3

Type of detectors:

Flammable detector bridge type
Oxygen, toxic or flammable detector 4-20 mA output,
2 or 3 wire
Other detectors standard current output

Links: 2 or 3 wires re-inforced cable
Loop impedance:

Flammable 3 wire : 32 Ω
4-20 mA: 2 or 3 wire - 56 Ω
Average line length
(in meters at 20°C for a 1,5 mm2 conductor) :
- Flammable : Bridge type - 1000 m 4-20 mA - 2000 m
- Power supply control per LED on each channel
(power ON/OFF green LED indicator)
Signal output:

Analog 4-20 mA per channel
Serial RS 485 or 232 MODBUS protocol
Power supply:

103 to 122 V AC or 207 to 244 VA
21 to 31 V DC
Power consumption : 300 VA or 240 W

Local or remote acknowledgement
Operating temperature: -10 +45°C
Relative humidity: 5 to 95 % non condensed
In compliance with European standards 50054, 50081 and 50082

Rack 3U, 19” frame
Dimensions : 482 w x 132 h x 266 d in mm
Weight: 15 Kgs

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Components / Downloads

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MX52 Frame rack 3 U 19 inch type MX52 fitted with 230vAC power and CPU cards. Maximum capacity 16 channels, channel card available separately. Standard version, delivered along with French and English simplified user manual. ATEX II (2) G approved - SIL2 approved according to EN61511 standard.
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Channel Cards
2 Channel input card. Accepts 4-20mA and Wheatstone bridge gas sensor inputs. 4-20 mA input enables the connection of any analog transmitters (flame, temperature, air velocity, pressure)
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