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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
A selection of heat meters for domestic and commercial applications. Both ultrasonic and mechanical flow meters are available utilising PT500 temperature sensors. Pipe Diameters range for 1/2" to 6" with screw and flange connections.
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Minocal WR3 Remote Mounted MID Approved kWh Heat Integrator
Minocal WR3 Remote Mounted MID Approved kWh Heat Integrator
The Minocal WR3 remote mounted heat integrators are MID approved, Class 2/3 (installation dependent), heat meters suitable for any size pipe work from 15 to 250mm. Units come with a remote LCD display plus PT500 sensor and pockets. Heat integrator is supplied without a flow meter.
Price range : £232.00 - £232.00
MultiCal 403 Ultrasonic Energy Meter
Multical 403 Ultrasonic Energy Meter
The Multical 403 is designed to monitor the energy transfers in all types of thermal installation where water is used as the energy-conveying medium. The meter utilises an ultrasonic flow meter and two temperature sensors to measure the flow rate and temperature of the outgoing and returning water to calculate the energy transferred. Suitable for pipe diameters from ½" to 2" with threaded connections and flanged connections of DN25 to DN50. The meter also includes an in-built data logger that can provide yearly, monthly, daily, hourly and minutely values. Meter are also MID Class E1 approved and suitable for billing purposes for use in housing associations, blocks of flats and small industry applications.
Price range : £359.30 - £359.30
190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Clamp on Heat Meter
190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Clamp on Heat Meter
The 190PDE is a heat meter that utilises the 190PD ultrasonic flow meter and a pair of termperature probes to provide a convenient portable heat meter suitable for short term non-invasive heat meter and flow monitoring. Separate sets of transducers provide a wide ppe diameter range from as small as 15mm up to 1,200mm and the meter itself can be configured for various different pipe materials and thicknesses.
Price range : £2,550.00 - £2,550.00
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