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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >

A full line of data logger systems are available for monitoring temperature, humidity, acceleration, light, humidity and more. Our single channel models are from manufacturers such as MSR, Gemini Data Loggers, Lascar and T and D. With a large number of units in stock and fast delivery, call our engineers today for helpful data logger advice.

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Tinytag Data Loggers for Temperature, RH, Voltage, Current, Power
The Tinytag range of data loggers accurately monitor temperature, humidity, power usage and other environmental parameters are available for next day delivery. Tinytag loggers include units suitable for monitoring indoors and with more rugged housings suitable for industrial or outdoor environments. Applications specific loggers are available with units specially designed for temperature monitoring during transit, underwater, in dishwasher or in medical refrigerators. Loggers are made in the UK and the majority are available for next day delivery from our stock.
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EL−USB & EL−WiFi Data Loggers

The EL-USB-1 & EL-USB-2 data loggers measure and record up to 32,000 temperature and relative humidity readings with internal and external sensors with various different temperature ranges and sensors available. Units are also available to monitor and record mA, voltage and digital state or pulse signals. The EL-USB logger are fitted with an integrated USB port to allow direct connection to a PC to download and configure each unit. The EL-DATAPAD provides a portable programmer and download facility for up to 500 separate temperature and humidity loggers on the one device and will download all the data to a PC. The EL-WiFi range are wireless data loggers with an integrated display and options of internal and external sensors to monitor temperature and humidity readings. Units will connect to a local WiFi network to connect to a PC. Units also have an internal memory for up to 1 million readings and can be downloaded to a PC directly

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MSR Data Loggers for Acceleration, Temperature, RH, Pressure, Light, Voltage

Lightweight, miniature data loggers for monitoring various parameters, including temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration (X, Y, Z) and light. Units are available in standard or waterproof housings making them suitable for a wide range of applications, with some custom designed loggers for more specific applications. Custom units include loggers with GSkin heat flux sensors and high speed acceleration sensors for shock and vibration monitoring.

MSR Product Overview

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Digital Pressure Gauge with Data Logger
LEO Record is a combined pressure indicator and pressure data logger available for pressure ranges up to 2000 bar. Additionally it also logs temperature. It is used with Logger 4x windows software for logger setup and downloading of data. Data can be viewed in table or graph format and exported to MS Excel. It is also available with ATEX certification for hazardous area use ( intrinsically safe ).
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Cold Chain Data Loggers
A range of data loggers suitable for monitoring temperature controlled products throughout the supply chain. Loggers are available with simple temperature monitoring, or for logistically applications, loggers are available with multiple parameters, including temperature, humidity, pressure, light and shock and vibration. Location data and real-time temperatures can be obtained using the A90 Cold chain data logger.
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Extreme Temperature Data Loggers
A range of dataloggers to monitor extreme temperatures as standalone units. The CryoTemp Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger has an operating temperature range of -86 up to +35C. The HiTemp High Temperature Data Loggers have thermal barriers allowing for indefinite logging in a temperature logging in an operating temperature range of -40 to +150C and short-term logging in an operating temperature range of -200 to +250C.
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HygroLog Humidity Data Loggers
A range of data loggers for logging temperature and humidity with integrated sensors or connection for any of the HC2 range of temperature and humidity probes. The HygroLog HL20 has integrated temperature and humidity sensors, whilst the HygroLog NT loggers will connect to any of the HygroClip probes. The NT series can also be connected to docking stations that can serve as a mounting bracket, power supply and interface. The LOG-HC2 system consists of wireless transmitters with LAN or USB receiver stations for systems with up to 100 data loggers. This section also includes the HygroWin probe with a USB interface for direct connection to a PC.
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Triaxial Shock & Vibration Data Loggers
A range of dataloggers for tri-axial shock and vibration monitoring, with ranges available from ±5g up to ±300g, plus sensors for temp, RH and pressure readings. All units are self contained with an internal battery and memory to provide short or long term logging in a variety of different applications. Specific units are available to provide peak values in user-defined intervals, shock readings after a predefined limit is exceeded, spectral analysis applications and a unit that can provide peak readings along with environmental parameters (Temperature, Humidity and Pressure readings).
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T and D Wireless Data Loggers

T&D manufacture a range of wireless data logger systems for temperature, humidity, voltage, pulse, UV and CO2 using low power radio and bluetooth technology. Base station options include USB, Ethernet and GPRS connectivity for monitoring. Both historic and real time data can be viewd online and the system supports email alarms, automated data downloading and reporting.  These battery operated loggers are easy to install with no complex wiring required.

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