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WSerial 2.4GHz Wireless Radio

WSerial 2.4GHz Wireless Radio

Quick Overview

The wSerial provides a serial network over a Mesh Network to provide not only point to point but also point to multiple points. A Concentrator unit provides the main interface unit between your SCADA, PLC or HMI system and the Mesh network of remote Node units. Each unit has 1 Serial RS232/485/USB port with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, USB port for configuration or Modbus slave. The serial port will also act as a transparent serial tunnel between devices.
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  • Suitable for Industrial Environments
  • Mesh Network Technology (redundancy and better range)
  • Secure Wireless Communication 802.15.4 in 2.4GHz
  • Transparent Serial Tunnel
  • Multiple Remote Nodes in one area
  • Serial Port RS232/485/USB
  • 10-30vDC Power Supply
  • DIN Rail Mountable


The Concentrator, communicates with remote nodes to poll for ModBus readings or to update the serial port. The Concentrator can then be connected to a logger or various network types to integrate with your existing system. eg. An SSE232 unit can be used to allow an ethernet connection for an intranet system or a GRD can provide a GSM/GPRS connection to the internet.




The Concentrator is connected to a ModBus Master device or other serial  device, eg. SCADA system, Datataker or GRD GPRS data Logger.

Remote Nodes

Remote Nodes are devices that will collect information through the serial port to poll any attached ModBus slave devices. Nodes can also be used to provide an improved, or alternative, connection to more remote nodes.


Various different serial devices can be connected to the remote nodes as well as networks of ModBus slave devices

Mesh network

Mesh network

The Mesh Network permits the nodes to communicate with each other independently. This means that the nodes cannot send information directly to the Concentrator, but rather can pass it to other nodes on the network so that the destination is reached. A network of nodes can cover a large area as long as each node is always within radio range of the next nearest node.


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Components / Downloads

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wSerial Wireless Concentrator, provides serial connection to acquire data from wSerial-N remote nodes. Power supply 10-30vDC, operating temperature -5 to +65°C, DIN rail mounting. 1 x RS232/RS485 transparent serial port, supports MODBUS protocol RTU/ASCII. 2.4GHz Zigbee radio communications, maxim range 2Km line of sight. Maximum number of remote nodes - 50 per concentrator.
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wSerial Wireless Node, provides serial connection to send data back to a wSerial-C concentrator. Power supply 10-30vDC, operating temperature -5 to +65°C, DIN rail mounting. 1 x RS232/RS485/USB transparent serial port, supports MODBUS protocol RTU/ASCII. 2.4GHZ Zigbee radio communications, maximum range 2Km line of sight. Maximum number of remote nodes - 50 per concentrator.
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