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Keller Series 33X & 35X Highly Precise Pressure Transmitters

Keller Series 33X & 35X Highly Precise Pressure Transmitters

Quick Overview

The Series 33X and Series 35X pressure transmitters use a stable, floating piezoresistive transducer with a XEMICS micro-processor to compensate for temperature and non-linearities of the sensor providing a highly precise mathematically compensated output. Standard units provide an accuracy of 0.05%FS, with a 0.01%FS option available, for the RS485 serial output and a 0.1%FS accuracy on the analogue outputs. Units are available with ATEX certification for use in hazardous area applications. All units are reprogrammable using the Control Center Series 30 software, which allows for setting the analogue outputs range and setting new zero and gain for the transmitters.
Hazardous Area Approved
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Highly Precise (0,01%) Pressure Transmitters Series 33 X / 35 X

Digital Output of Transmitter

This high precision of 0,01 %FS is available as an option (the standard Series 33 X has an accuracy of 0,05 %FS). These Series are based on the stable, floating piezoresistive transducer and the newly developed XEMICS micro-processor with integrated 16 bit A/D converter. Temperature dependencies and non-linearities of the sensor are mathematically compensated. With the READ30 software and the KELLER cable K-107, the calculated pressure can be displayed on a Palmtop, Laptop or PC. The READ 30 software also allows the recording of pressure signals and the graphic display on the PC. Up to 128 transmitters can be hooked together to a Bus-system.

Transmitter with Analog Output

Integrated in the XEMICS processor is a D/A converter of 16 bit for analog signal outputs of 4…20 mA or 0…10 V. The output rate is 400 Hz. The accuracy is diminished by this converting process by 0,05 %FS. The digital output is available on all transmitters with analog output.


With the KELLER software READ 30 and PROG30, a RS485 converter (i.e. K102 or K107 from KELLER) and a PC, the pressure can be displayed, the units changed, a new gain or zero set. The analog output can be set to any range within the compensated range.

Pressure Ranges

0,8...1000 bar (abs./rel.)

Output Signal RS485 (digital)
4...20 mA (2-wire)
0...10 V (3-wire)
Accuracy, Error Band
(10…40 °C)

typ. 0,05 %FS (digital)
typ. 0,15 %FS (2-wire)
typ. 0,1 %FS (3-wire)

Optional: Precision * typ. 0,01 %FS (digital)
Long Term Stability typ. Gauges: 1 mbar or 0,05 %FS
Absolute: 0,5 mbar or 0,025 %FS (10…40 °C)
Resolution 0,002 %FS

* Only for Series 33 X and for ranges higher than 10 bar.

Accuracy and Precision

“Accuracy” is an absolute term, “Precision” a relative term. Dead weight testers are primary standards for pressure, where the pressure is defined by the primary values of mass, length and time. Highest class primary standards in national laboratories indicate the uncertainty of their pressure references with 70 to 90 ppM or close to 0,01%.
Commercial dead weight testers as used in our facilities to calibrate the transmitters indicate an uncertainty or accuracy of 0,025 %. Below these levels, KELLER use the expression “Precision” as the ability of a pressure transmitter to be at each pressure point within 0.01 %FS relative to these commercial standards.
The transmitter’s full-scale output can be set up to match any standard of your choice by correcting the gain with the PROG30 software.

For units with improved accuracy, intermediate pressure or other temperature ranges, please contact us directly for pricing.

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Description       Highly precise digitally compensated programmable Keller pressure transmitter.

Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

Series 33 Pressure Transmitter
PR33X/XX digitally compensated pressure transmitter, ranges 0 - 0.2 bar G to 1360 bar.
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Keller Software & Programming Kit
Series 30 programming kit comprising of: interface unit, data transfer cable, amphenal plug adaptor for series 30 transmitters, mains power lead, Palm programming lead, and READ30/PROG 30 software.
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K114B Programming software and Binder connection cable. Suitable for programming (Series 33-39, Series 53-55 and LEO 3 pressure sensors). 1.8m cable length to a USB port for PC connection.
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Adapter cable Binder to plug-in terminals for K107 programming kit to enable programming of series 30 pressure transmitters with flying leads.
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