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Series M5 HB Ultra-Fast and Precise Pressure Transmitters

Series M5 HB Ultra-Fast and Precise Pressure Transmitters

Quick Overview

The Series M5 pressure transmitter have a 0-50kHz dynamic range and M5 pressure connection are suitable for both static and dynamic (ie. fast pressure pulsations at close proximity) pressure measurements. The sensors have digital temperature compensation over temperature ranges of -20-125C or -40 to 180C which provides an accuracy of 0.5%FS and 1.0%FS respectively. Available pressure ranges are 0-3, 0-10 and 0-30 Bar Absolute and an output signal of 0-10vDC. The sensors have a separate housing and sensor head, with an M5 x 0.5 thread process connection and M12 or Binder 723 electrical connection.
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The M5 Series sensor incorporates a stable silicon sensor which is backside-soldered directly to a supporting element designed for excellent fluid dynamics. This construction eliminates the disadvantages of sealants, adhesives, separating membranes or capillary tubes in high temperature environments. The practically-flush connection to the measurement media is critical to the excellent dynamic range of 0-50kHz. The micromechanical design delivers absolute measuring ranges of 3, 10 and 30 bar, overpressure protection of up to 5 times measuring range and effective isolation of mounting forces.


  • Sensor head capable of exposure to 200°C
  • Broad compensated temperature range, with a choice of either -20 to 125°C or -40 to 180°C
  • Excellent dynamic response, up to 50kHz (pulsation measurements)
  • Insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Extremely compact design, pressure connection: M5 x 0.5 fine thread
  • Teflon FEP cable with IP67 ferrule, suitable for use on test benches
  • Pressure ranges of 3 bar, 10 bar and 30 bar (absolute)


Pressure Ranges, Absolute
0-3, 0-10 and 0-30 Bar
0-10 V
Power Supply 13-32vDC @ 15mA max
Accuracy ± 0.1%FS
Pressure Connection Metric fine thread: M5 x 0.5 male
Electrical Connection M12 plug (5 pin), Binder 723 (5-pin)
Cable (between sensor & electronics) 1.5m FEP cable with Ø 2.9mm shield
Operating Temperature
               Sensing Head

-50 to +180°C
-40 to +125°C

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Series M5 HB Pressure Transmitters
Series M5 HB Ultra-Fast and Precise Pressure Transmitters for ranges up to 30 BarA, with a 0-10vDC output.
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