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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Optical speed sensors with analogue and pulse output, hall effect gear tooth sensors with pulse output
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VLS Optical Speed Sensor
VLS Optical Speed Sensor with Pulse Output
The VLS Series sensors provide an NPN pulsed output for each rotation of a rotating object. Maximum range is up to 250,000 rpm. This is ideal for data-logging applications and where general speed monitoring of machines is required, it is particularly useful for monitoring & recording RPM or rotational speed data. Units are available with a visible light optical sensor, or a laser light for a greater optical range and better response. Reflective tape can also be used to improve the accuracy. A selection of mounting brackets, contact adaptors and focusing lens are available to allow for easier installation, high speed measurements and smaller focus points.
Price range : £42.00 - £465.00
VLS/DA Non-Contact Optical Laser Speed/RPM Sensor with Analogue Voltage Output.
VLS/DA Optical Speed Sensor with Analogue Output
The VLS/DA Optical Speed Sensors include an integral Digital/Analogue converter to provide an analogue output for RPM ranges up to 60,000 RPM. These sensors are designed for general speed monitoring of rotating machinery and wheels. The analogue output is updated once per resolution, making it suitable for high speed applications with a rapid variations in speed. VLS/DA sensors have a 0-10,000 RPM range and 0-3V output, the VLS-DA1 has optional ranges of 6,000 or 60,000 with a 0-6V output ranges.
Price range : £42.00 - £592.50
MiniVLS 313 USB Laser Tachometer with Android App
MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor with USB Connection
The MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor is a USB Laser Tachometer developed to operate with an Android smartphone or tablet (USB-OTG supported) with a data logging function and Android App. Primarily designed for speed related applications, including high-speed monitoring and are widely used for research, development and test applications.
Price range : £45.00 - £487.50
MiniVLS 211ia Intrinsically Safe Speed Sensor
MiniVLS 211/ia Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensor
The MiniVLS is an Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensors providing an output for RPM ranges up to 99,999 RPM. These sensors are designed for general speed monitoring of rotating machinery and wheels in hazardous areas. .
Price range : £675.00 - £675.00
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