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M2M Web Interface
  • M2M Web Interface

M2M Data Web Interface for Remote Data Acquisition

Quick Overview

Our M2M system allows various data loggers to send their data directly to our web server, or to an intermediary server that can accept SMS message before passing the data on to our web server. The web server uses several databases to manage the data along with a third party web application called Mango Automation. Once the data has been collected and scaled on the web server, the data is then displayed in several formats such as a graphical display, charts and statistical details. The users can log into the web site from any location to view or download the available data as required. The M2M system can be configured to provide alarms via email, or SMS with the additional module. Also available from the M2M system are many different kinds of reports that can be scheduled on a recurring basis or only run when a user requests the data. The reports can also be emailed to anyone that needs to get the data. Our M2M web Interface will currently accepts data from GRD and OmniText data loggers with other loggers being added in the future.


Data from the data logger can be viewed on the M2M web interface in chart, table and graphical format. The data can also be downloaded as a CSV file. The web interface provides a data panel where customers can view a customised web interface showing data from all their remote locations. The channel scaling, reports, alarm levels, and alarm recipients are set from our web control page removing the need to dial up units or visit sites for reprogramming.

The M2M website can be accessed on the following link The first page you will find is the main M2M message board, which contains any updates on the service and links to further information including the user guide, T's&C's and a link to the M2M interface. On first logging in to M2M Demo you will see a graphical display showing some sample data, which will update every 10 mins and may some readings may go into alarm. The graphical display can be customised to your specification with different back grounds, gauges, text effects and more.

M2M Web Interface Mimic Panels

The Data Points page shows details of the data from each channel of the data logger. The details include the latest reading details, statistics and recent history over a selectable time period. The page also shows a graph with the ability to select the time period displayed as well as the ability to download the historical data to CSV or Excel formats. This page will also display recent alarms and the users that have access to the data point.

M2M Web Interface

The Alarms page will provide details of any active alarms and give the ability to search for previous alarms. You will be able to acknowledge the alarms and see the duration of the alarms as well as which user has acknowledged the alarms.

The Watch List page gives the ability to see several data points simultaneously to give an overall system picture. This page also provides a graph that can have several data points charted simultaneously for data comparison.

The Excel Reports page allows the user to create, schedule and send customised reports from the M2M system. You can regularly send the historical data or other system information to an email address.

Click the M2M Demo to access a preview of our M2M Service

Our pricing structure is below, for additional quantities and volume applications please contact our sales team.

M2M-SETUP: Initial set-up charge covering 1 to 10 channels max per logging device, emailed reports, no display, no add-on modules


M2M-ANNUAL-ADMIN: Includes an Omni managed SIM card (Supplying your own SIM card will reduce the annual fee)


M2M-ADD-ON-MODULE: Annual cost for each option from the list below:

  • 10 channel pack - additional 10 channels to the M2M configuration
  • Display Module - adds a graphical mimic for easier to read data values. Designed to the customers’ requirements
  • Alarms module - adds the functionality of detection and display of alarm condition. Email alerts (NOT SMS alerts) from the web page will also be enabled.


M2M-SMS: Annual cost to allow SMS alarms from remote device

  • Set up logger to send SMS directly from the device. MUST be used with customers own SIM card.


M2M-RECONNECT: Fee for reconnecting the M2M service after a significant disconnection time.


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