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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Portable instruments for temperature/RH measurement, with a full range of probes, and data loggers
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HygroPalm 21 & 22
HygroPalm 21 & 22
The HygroPalm 2 series (with integrated or interchangeable probes) is ideal for a wide range of applications that require the precise measurement of humidity and temperature, for example the food and pharmaceutical industries, printing and paper industries, many trades, the sciences, meteorology, agricultural sector, climatology, etc. There is hardly a field today in which these parameters may be ignored. It is ultimately the measuring task on hand that defines the instrument that best covers your needs. The interchangeable probe of the HygroPalm 22 allows for a much more flexible device with a large range of probe available. These units replace the HygroPalm 1,2 & 3 units.
Price range : £40.00 - £795.00
The HP23 is a multi-function handheld instrument that can read the data from up to two HygroClip2 probes and display relative humidity, temperature and a calculated psychrometric parameter such as the dew point or wet bulb temperature. The internal memory allows for full logging functions including spot recording, with time base, multi-point calibration adjustment. Probe selection is based on the application. Depending on the HygroClip2 probes used, the measuring range is within 0 to 100%RH and -100 to 200C. The HW4 software provides a practical interface for the configuration, display and recording of data collected from the HygroPalm 23.
Price range : £9.00 - £1,256.00
Therma-Hygrometer with Integrated Probe
Humidity Meter - Therma-hygrometers
The 6000 and 6100 therma-hygrometers are easy to use handheld relative humidity and air temperature measuring instruments. The unit measures %RH over the range of 0 to 100%RH with a resolution of 0.1%RH and temperature over the range of -20 to 70°C (-20 to +50°C with integrated probe with a resolution of 0.1°C or F switchable. The therma-hygrometers incorporate a clear custom LCD with °C, %RH, max/min, hold and dew point indication. The 6000/6100 displays the temperature and humidity at the push of a button separately whereas the 6002/6102 displays humidity and temperature simultaneously and additionally incorporates a backlit display.
Price range : £6.00 - £125.00
HygroPalm HP-GTS Measuring Instrument for Paper Industry
HygroPalm HP-GTS Measuring Instrument for Paper Industry
The HP-GTS is a classic sword hygrometer used for the measurement of Equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) in the paper industry. Its high precision, fast response and cost effective price have made it the automatic choice of paper mills, merchants, converters and the printing industry for years.
Price range : £910.00 - £910.00
HygroLog NT Data Logger
HYGROLOG NT Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
The HygroLog NT is a state of the art temperature and humidity data logger providing high accuracy measurements. Operating ranges 0-100% RH and -30 to +70°C (-10 to +60°C, with display). Utilising flash memory, up to 1,500,000 readings can be stored on a 128MB Flash Card. The HygroLog units now work with the HC2 range of probes, available in the Temperature and Humidity section.
Price range : £31.00 - £1,140.00
HygroPalm 23 AW
HygroPalm 23 AW
The HygroPalm 23 AW sets are the perfect portable solution for on-site water activity measurements. They are supplied in a tough, lightweight ABS carry case and include everything needed for measurement and calibration. The new HP23-AW was developed as a portable solution with most of the functionality of the HygroLab3.
Price range : £600.01 - £2,728.00
RayTemp 38
RayTemp 38
The RayTemp 38 is a professional infrared, gun-shaped, non-contact thermometer that incorporates a 50:1 optic ratio (target distance/diameter ratio), this enables users to measure small targets from a distance. The user stands a safe and comfortable distance from the target, points the thermometer at the surface to be measured, pulls the trigger and instantly reads the temperature and emissivity on the clear, easy to read, backlit custom LCD display.
Price range : £6.00 - £185.00
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