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XPR02 Senturion Eddy Current Probe
  • XPR02 Senturion Eddy Current Probe

Senturion XPR02 Proximity Probe

Quick Overview

The Senturion XPR02 proximity probe system is a 5mm tip proximity sensor that uses eddy current principle to measure distance up to 2.5mm with resolution of less than 1 micrometer. It is designed for tight installation and harsh environments (up to 180°C). The system includes a driver unit with a 5, 7, or 9m extension cable. The cable system incorporates snap lock connectors and double screened cable for easy installation and high immunity to interference.
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The Senturion XPR02 proximity probe system is a type of proximity sensor that uses the eddy current principle to measure the distance between the probe and a target. The probe has a small, 5mm tip that is made of a conductive material. When the probe is brought close to the target, an eddy current is induced in the target material. The strength of the eddy current is proportional to the distance between the probe and the target. The driver unit converts the eddy current signal into a voltage output that is proportional to the distance.

The XPR02 proximity probe system is designed for tight installation applications. It has a range of up to 2.5mm and a nominal sensitivity of 7.87mV/µm. This means that it can accurately measure distances of up to 2.5mm with a resolution of less than one micrometer. The system is also designed for harsh environments and can operate up to 180°C.


  • Switch selectable system cable lengths 5m, 7m and 9m.
  • 5mm tip diameter for tight installation applications.
  • LED indication of selected length.
  • 3.5mm socket for gap voltage monitoring.
  • Double screened cable for high noise immunity.
  • Snap lock and shake proof cable connection.
  • Excellent repeatability on replacement of probe, extension or driver.
  • Compliant with standard API 670.


  • Shaft vibration monitoring
  • Position monitoring
  • Speed monitoring
  • Wear monitoring
  • Level monitoring
  • Gap detection
  • Leak detection
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring


Measurement Range: 0.0mm to 2.5mm
Linearity of Full Scale: ±1% -1 to -19V
Sensitivity: 7.87mV (200mV/mil) ±1%
Resolution: <0.001mm
Available System Lengths: 5m, 7m or 9m.
Frequency Response: DC to 10kHz



Probe Tip Diameter: 5.0mm
Probe Tip Material: PPS 40% Glass Filled
Probe Body Material: Stainless Steel
Available Body Lengths: 20mm to 250mm (in 10mm increments)
Cable Type: Triaxial 75Ohm Coaxial, FEP Outer Jacket 3.2mm diameter
Armoured Option: Convuluted Stainless Steel 6.4mm diameter
Operating Temperature: -40 to +180°C
Minimum Target Diameter: 10mm
Connector: Female Miniature Coaxial



Linear Voltage Range: -1V to -19V for 0.254mm to 2.54mm
System Length Indication: Green LED Lamp
Power Supply Range: -16vDC to -28vDC (1.2V above output voltage)
Power Consumption: 3mA typ. Max 7mA
Sensor Connector Type: Self Locking Miniature Male Coaxial
Monitor Connector Type: 3.5mm Audio Jack
Mounting: DIN Rail or Plate
Weight 250g
Operating Temperature: -40 to +90°C


Pricing for the XPR02 are only available on request. Please contact us for a quotation, [email protected]. Options are shown on the product datasheet.

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Description       Senturion XPR02 Proximity Probe

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Senturion XPR02 Proximity Probe
Senturion Eddy Current Probe Type XPR02. Stainless Steel body with a tip diameter of 5mm. Measurement range of 0-2.54mm.
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