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RC250 Modbus GEN II Telemetry System

RC250 Modbus GEN II Telemetry System

Quick Overview

The RC250 works as a receiver unit for the GEN II transmitters to provide a serial Modbus output for up to 160 active channels. The RC250 is a self-contained mains powered receiver unit with built-in batteries providing more than 24 hours of operation in the event of a mains failure. An LCD is incorporated to show signal strength and serial number of last transmitter received. The RC250 unit can be used with any GEN II transmitters. The GEN II System uses a licence free 434MHz one way transmission frequency.
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Radio Telemetry System

The RC250 is a high performance telemetry receiver designed for use with the standard GenII range of telemetry transmitters, repeaters and accessories. It outputs ModBus RTU or serial data to a connected PC for integration into industry standard PC Software. Such software could include LabVIEW, DASYlab, Wonderware or proprietary software compliant to CFR21 Part 11.

This feature rapidly realises a broad spectrum of applications including:

  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Alarm and control
  • Real time data
  • Profile mapping

For customers in the pharmaceutical sector (e.g. where CFR21 Part11 compliance is required) and in the industrial, construction, storage, research and conservation sectors.


  • Built in rechargeable battery pack for more than 24 hour operation should AC supply fail
  • Power supply for 110 to 250VAC included
  • Built in display for indicating which TX is active and its received signal strength
  • Supplied with configuration software which includes set-up for authorised transmitters
  • Maximum 160 channels
  • Can be used with multiple repeaters (type RP250GD)
  • SMA antenna socket for attached antenna or external antenna options
  • Rugged aluminium case for free standing or wall mounting
  • Polled data output on 6 pin Mini DIN socket
  • For direct connection to PC or via Intranet or Ethernet using
  • Moxa D311 adaptor option or via GSM using a GRD order similar GSM modem.

System Specifications


Number of channels: Up to 160
Ambient temperature: -10 to +55ºC
Humidity: Up to 95% (non condensing)
Power supply: 12V DC at 500mA powered using type MP12U, input 100-250V AC )
Built-in batteries: 6 x AA NiMh battery - 1.8Ah
Backup battery life: Typically greater than 24 hours, max 48 hours
Dimensions: D 41mm x W 80mm x H 125mm
Weight: 500g inc. batteries
Case material: Rugged Aluminium case
Receiver: Crystal controlled
Sensitivity: UHF: 115dB
Antenna connector: SMA 50 ohm female
Antenna: Quarter wave standard, lightweight dipole optional

A wide range of transmitter units are available for V, mA, thermocouple, thermistor, and RTD inputs as well as units with integral sensors covering a wide range of different inputs and serial devices, eg ND-350 power meters.The RC250-MOD will receive inputs from any of the GEN II transmitters and can be used with the RP250GD repeaters to extend the coverage range.

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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

GENII Wireless Sensor Receivers with Modbus Output
GEN II Receiver logger for up to 160 channels with a serial Modbus output. 6 pin Mini DIN socket for polled data output, direct connection to a PC or Ethernet Connection via MOXA D311 adaptor. LCD display and 24 hour built-in standby battery (6 x NiMh AA batteries). Supplied with detachable antenna, built in rechargeable batteries, MP12U power supply, LC-TX3 and LC68 leads, RxConfig software and User Instructions.
View FileGPRS-Wireless System Overview
   Size: (610.04 KB)
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Radio Repeater
GEN II Radio Repeater. Supplied with AC power supply, 24 hour built-in standby battery (6 x NiMh AA batteries), antenna and integral LCD display. Repeater will extending the effective range of GEN II receiver units and signal paths of transmitters in poor coverage areas.
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Replacement Batteries
Plug-in rechargeable 7.2V NiMh pack of 6 batteries for RP250GD, RC250 or GD-47 GEN II radio units.
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