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FRIGGA A90 Cold Chain Temp & GPS Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
May 21,2019
The FRIGGA A90 is a disposable USB cold chain data logger suitable for monitoring temperature and more >
We have a selection of energy monitoring units available for hire. The portable Tinytag Energy logger allows for single and three phase energy supply monitoring using non-invasive Rogowski coils. The 190PDE ultrasonic heat meter allows a non-invasive flow meter with two matched precision temperature sensors that can be inserted into pockets, or coupled to the pipe with heat transfer cement.
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Tinytag Energy Logger
Tinytag Energy Logger Hire Unit
The Tinytag Energy Logger Hire Unit can be used to monitor single and three phase energy supplies and is very simple and easy to use portable energy logger. Current measurements are taken using flexible non-invasive coils and the voltage readings are collected from the connected UK mains supply for quick and easy installation. The unit provides 6 weeks continuous logging at 5 minute intervals. The hire unit is supplied with a carry case, three current coils, UK mains leads, a USB cable, a copy of the Tinytag Explorer software and a user manual.
Price range : £125.00 - £125.00
190PDE Heat Meter Hire Unit
190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Heat Meter Hire
The 190PDE is a heat meter that utilises the 190PD ultrasonic flow meter and a pair of temperature probes to provide a convenient portable heat meter suitable for short term non-invasive heat meter and flow monitoring. Transducers provide a wide pipe diameter range from as small as 15mm up to 300mm and the meter itself can be configured for various different pipe materials and thicknesses. The temperature probes can be clamped to the pipe, or inserted into the pockets.
Price range : £295.00 - £295.00
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