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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Solar Panels for any low power applications, suitable for permanent, temporary and mobile locations. Solar panels range from small 5W panels to large scale modular 140W panels. Brands available online include Ameresco, SunWare and Spectra with others available on request. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements and we will be happy to advise suitable panels, batteries and charge controllers for your specific location and power requirements.
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Ameresco Solar Panels
Ameresco Photovoltaic Solar Panels
The Ameresco Photovoltaic Solar Panels are a direct replacement for the BP Solar Series 3 and 4 solar panels. These panels are advanced photovoltaic module that incorporates polycrystalline cells using SiN coating to give superior efficiency compared with same rated modules from other manufacturers. All the solar panels have ARC glass, an anti-reflective coating with self-cleaning properties so that under normal conditions panels do not require cleaning. The modules are robustly constructed using a clear anodised Universal frame and are offered with a warranty that will give you confidence in your system for many years ahead. Solar panels can be connected in parallel to increase power and are modular allowing the user the flexibility to build up a system over a period of time in line with budgets and power requirements.

Available in power ranges from 10W to 140W
Price range : £61.17 - £288.96
Sunware Series 20 Solar Panels
SunWare Solar Panels
The Sunware Series 20 solar modules are specifically designed to be lighter, more compact and more powerful that the previous generation Sunware solar panels. The Series 20 solar panels include high performance solar cells with an EVA laminate and ETFE coating for improved durability, even in harsh applications like sea buoys or other salt water marine environments. Solar cells are hermetically encapsulated and the cable outlet is completely sealed to the mounting plate. These solar panels are ideal for remote logging applications, eg weather buoys or other off-grid marine environments, to provide a regular recharge to the logging systems batteries.

Available in power ranges from 25W to 100W
Price range : £11.33 - £591.96
SpectraLite SemiFlex Solar Panels
SpectraLite SemiFlex Solar Panels
SpectraLite SemiFlex solar panels are ideal for maintaining and recharging natural discharge in 12V deep cycle batteries for light demand professional applications. Once installed, the solar panel works quietly and efficiently at recharging without any effort on your part.The solar panels are a high quality cell ETFE polymer and class A solar cell construction. This new range is split into two product lines, the Spectralite Semiflex that uses Mono crystalline cells and the Spectralite SemiFlex Pro which uses SunPower cells. Their robust design ensures the panels are tough enough to be walked on and enables them to be effective in low power applications. Their non-glass construction makes them shatterproof and vandal resistant. Corners are rounded with cut out eyelets for safe and easy installation and panels include a Built in blocking diode and 3M twin core cable.
Price range : £41.63 - £541.63
Mounting Kits for Solar Panels.
Mounting Kits for Solar Panels.
Mounting Kits designed for easy installation of BP/Ameresco and other framed solar modules. Kits include fixing poles for the solar panel and plates for securing the panel frames to solid surfaces or mounting poles. Securing plates are suitable for mounting poles with various diameters from 24mm up to 116mm with custom indentations to accommodate specific size with relevant u-bolts. Tilt angle on the mounting brackets are fully adjustable to allow for optimal solar performance no matter which latitude the mounting kits are used.
Price range : £3.67 - £167.12
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