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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >

A flow meter is an instruments designed for the measurement of the flow rate and volumes of liquids and gases and this section includes flow meters suitable for monitoring the flows of various different liquids and gases. The flows of liquids and gases can be measured in various different ways and these can be more or less suitable for specific types of flow and the flow profile of your media.

1. Oval gear meters are ideal for batching and controlling volumes
2. Electromagnetic flow meters can be ideal for monitoring sewage discharges from waste pipes.
3. Portable ultrasonic meters are non-invasive and can be perfect for spot checking flows
4. Fixed ultrasonic meters are the best solution where it might not be possible to break into the pipeline.
5. Multi-jet flow meters can be ideal for monitoring domestic flow metering Including WRAS approval for drinking water
6. CDI meters are designed specifically for compressed air flow monitoring

If you are having trouble selecting the right meter for your application, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


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Ultrasonic Flow Meters − Time of Flight and Doppler
Full range portable clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters and Doppler flowmeters for all applications including measurement of clean water, waste water, chemicals, oil, hydrocarbons, pulp, slurries etc in all types of pipework - steel, mild steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, brass, aluminium, titanium, plastic PVC, PVDF, nylon, cement and asbestos

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Heat Meters − Ultrasonic & Mechanical
A selection of heat meters for domestic and commercial applications using both mechanical and ultrasonic flowmeters. Ultrasonic meters are available as inline and non-invasive for quick installation. Meters include temperature sensors to monitor temperatures on the out and return pipes. Pipe Diameters range for 1/2" to 6" with screw and flange connections plus non-invasive meters suitable for up to 1,200mm. Units are available with MID Approval for billing purposes.
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Electromagnetic Flow Meters (Magnetic Flow Meters)

An Electromagnetic flow meter (Magmeter or Magnetic flow meter) is a volumetric flow meter that uses Faraday's Law to measure the flow of conductive fluids passing the sensors. This means these meters are ideal for the flow measurement of any conductive, or water based, liquids and the absence of any moving parts makes these type of meters ideal in wastewater applications and were low pressure drop and low maintenance are required. These meters do not work with non-conductive fluids, eg distilled water, hydrocarbons or many non-aqueous solutions.

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Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flowmeters
Turbine and paddle wheel flowmeters for water, oil, and clean liquids, line sizes 3/8" to 6" with pulse, and 4-20mA outputs, local display option. Available with brass and stainless steel bodies, in NPT, BSP or flanged connections. Intrinsically safe versions available.
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Compressed Air Flow Meters
A selection of flowmeters suitable for compressed air flow and thermal mass flow measurements. The range includes basic compressed air flowmeters, insertion and in-line thermal mass flowmeters and turbine gas flow meters. Available with and without local displays, 4-20mA and 0-10v outputs and for hazardous area applications.
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Open Area, Tunnel & Duct Air Flow Monitoring
A selection of Schiltknecht MiniAir vane and ThermoAir hot wire Anemometers and various small duct mounted sensors for air flow monitoring. Units are available with and without displays and/or analogue outputs for use with logging systems.
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Variable Area and Impact Disc Meters
Variable Area and Impact Disc Meters for gas and liquid flow, stainless steel bodies with flanged connections, available with mechanical displays and 4-20mA output. Also hazardous area certification.
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Multi−Jet and Helix Woltmann Water Meters
A selection of mechanical water meters suitable for domestic and commercial applications using both multi-jet, helix woltmann and paddle wheel style flow meters. Pipe diameters are available from 15mm up to 500mm with threaded and flanged connections. Flow meters are fitted with a mechanical display for total flow volumes and can be supplied with pulse outputs for logging purposes. Meters are available for hot and cold water plus a Delta irrigation meter for sandy or dirty water.

WRAS Approved Products
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Open Channel Flowmeters
Open channel flow meters, ultrasonic non contact type and insertion type. Ideal for flow measurement in water treatment works, rivers and flumes.
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Flow Switches
Flow switches for liquids and gases, suitable for very low flows - with adjustable set points. Units are CSA certified for use in hazardous locations - Certified to US Standards.
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Vortex Flow Meter
A Vortex flow meter is designed for flow measurement where any moving parts in the flow could create problems and due to having no moving parts, they are very low wear compared to other types of flow meter. The working principle is to create an oscillating vortexes in the fluid, gas or steam as the flow passes a bluff body. A sensor mounted to the shedder bar can determine the flow based on the amount of force being applied to the shedder bar.
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F−Series of Flow Meter Displays
The F-Series range of flow meter displays are suitable for a wide range of applications from indicators and controllers to monitoring systems for liquid and gas flow applications. These displays are large digit flow rate and totaliser displays that will accept inputs from a wide range of flow meters, with everything from pulses, sine wave and 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue signals accepted as inputs. The displays are available as a mains, battery or loop powered units with option suitable for hazardous area installations and various output options and enclosures to suit any installation
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Calibration Certificates for Air Flow Sensors
Calibration Certificates for Air Flow Sensors. This section covers Vane, Thermoelectric or Ultrasonic anemometers and differential air pressure sensors used for flow measurements. Calibration certificates are to various national standards, eg SCS and UKAS either by the manufacturer or by an approved calibration house.
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