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Low Cost Yacht Anemometer

Low Cost Yacht Anemometer

Quick Overview

The Yacht Anemometer is a self-powered cup star anemometer suitable for monitoring wind speeds up to 210Km/h with a 0-2.1V output. The anemometer uses an alternator with two precision ball bearings to generate a voltage proportional to the wind speed. Units are supplied with 15m of shielded PVC cable and options are available for units supplied with indicators.
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For weather observers, amateur meteorologists and yachtsmen, the yacht anemometer is the ideal instrument for measuring wind speed. Its robust sensor design and splash-water protected indicating instrument render the yacht anemometer suitable for using also under harsh environmental conditions. As the instrument requires no supply and is simple to install, it can be placed in operation quickly and without complications.

Product range:

  • Anemometer measuring range 0 - 100 km/h
  • Anemometer measuring range 0 - 100 km/h with additionally sealed indicator.

with range expanding kit:

  • Anemometer measuring range 0 - 200 km/h
  • Anemometer measuring range 0 - 200 km/h with additionally sealed indicator.

Measuring principle:

The cup star vane rotates at a speed proportional to wind speed and drives the alternating current generator. The current produced is supplied via a 2-core cable to the indicator which displays the speed in km/h, knots and beaufort. As the alternating current generator produces current independently, the measuring system requires no further supply.

Optionally available:

Measuring range expanding kit up to
200 km/h, comprising a changeover
switch (x2) and a balanced ballast resistor (the complete system is required for the adjustment).

Yacht anemometer type 454 Measuring range
Yacht anemometer 0 - 100 km/h
Yacht anemometer
with range expanding kit: (x2)
0 - 200 km/h
Indication / Meter:
Yacht anemometer
(100 km/h)
0 - 54 Knots
0 - 100 km/h
0 - 10 Beaufort
Start-up approx. 0.6 m/s
Length of cable with plug 15 m
Total weight approx. 470 g
Cup star probe approx. 90 g
Jack plug approx. 5 g
Probe fixation approx. 40 g
Cable (15 m) approx. 190 g
Indicator / Meter approx. 140 g
Specifications subject to change without

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Components / Downloads

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Yacht Anemometers
Meteo anemometer self-powered rotating cup anemometer for wind speed. Air velocity range 2.5 - 210Km/h , accuracy ±0.3m/s, ±5% of reading, output 0-2.1vDC (1V = 100Km/h). This product does not include an indicator.
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Type 454 wind anemometer complete with analogue indicator and 15m cable. Range 0-100 Km/h
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Type 454 wind anemometer complete with analogue indicator, range expanding kit and 15m cable. Range 0-200 Km/h.
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Anemometer with LogBox Data Logger
Remote weather station comprising of wind speed sensor with 15 metres of cable connected to LogBox DA data logger, which has a 64,000 reading memory USB download cable, and windows software.
View FileAnemometer Data Sheet
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