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Oct 01,2018
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Meteon 2.0 Data Logger
  • Meteon 2.0 Data Logger
  • Meteon 2.0 With Carrying Case
  • Meteon 2.0 Connection Terminals

Meteon 2.0 Data Logger

Quick Overview

The Meteon is a compact handheld display and data logger optimised for the PV related solar radiation measurement. It comes in a rugged carrying case that also offers room for a pyranometer and cable. It can accept up to 5 Smart pyranometers and one analogue radiometer, plus temperature sensor. A kWh pulse input is also available. The Meteon 2.0 can measure, display and log data from up to 8 devices, or used in transparent mode to act as a universal RS-485 interface for connected Modbus sensors. 5 x AA Internal batteries can provide power to the connected Smart pyranometers. Internal memory for 380,000 values of average, minimum, maximum for 7 instruments + pulse total for a connected kWh meter. USB interface for logger configuration and data download via CSV or xlsx files..

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On batteries the METEON consumes 2.5 mA, with back light on this is 12 mA. Each additional SMP adds 7 mA, So logging of one analog and one smart sensor consumes 9.5 mA. With Alkaline batteries of 2200 mAh this means a lifetime of approximately 230 hour. When the METEON is powered with 12VDC this can be transferred to the Modbus sensors as well.


  • Live irradiance display and logging
  • Modbus® and analog instruments
  • Panel temperature sensor input
  • kWh energy pulse counter
  • Power and configure Smart sensors
  • Comparison mode for testing
  • User-friendly Windows™ software
  • Long battery life (50 days with 2 AA batteries)


Measurement Requirements Specification
Analog mV range full scale Suitable for all Kipp & Zonen radiometers
Analog resolution 0.1W
Basic accuracy after calibration 0.1%
Temperature     sensitivity      over       full temperature range < 0.5%
Offset drift over full temp range < 3µV
Input circuit >2MΩ 470 nF
Sampling / filter 1s, 50 / 60 Hz filtering
Logging 1,2,5… s, min, h, aver, min, max
Modbus input 5 x Smart Sensor
RTC accuracy 5 min /y
Logging Internal memory
Display, logging Up to 7 sensors
Meteon RS485 port setting Set communication parameters
Modbus / comm. setting Set address & comm. (per 1 dev)
Comparison & logging 2 radiation sensors
RS485 to USB Transparent mode
PC / Calibration Via mini USB connector
Sensor connectors Wago / Phoenix
 LCD Graphic, 8 lines of text, back light Good sunlight readability
 Keyboard Up, Down, Left, Right, OK, On/Off, Back Light
Batteries 5 x AA type
Battery life >3 days, 3 sensors logging
 DC connector input for DC power supply 10 – 24 V (± 10%)
Connected instruments  
Analogue CM, CMP, CUV, SP-Lite, PQS
 Modbus SMP, SUV, SGR, SHP, PR1, PH1, RT1, M&T
Communication USB,transparent mode RS-485 to USB
 USB  Mini USB, opto isolated
RS485 70V tolerant  TVS protection
PC Software 
Dedicated PC software to: Visualize
- Display actual sensor values  
- Comparison data  
- Data graph
Calibration of METEON 2.0 Export of csv data
Delivery  METEON 2.0, Carrying case with Room for 1 pyranometer Calibration certificate,
USB cable, Connectors for inputs
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +40°C, <95%RH Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature Range -20 to +50°C, <95%RH Non-Condensing
Approvals CE / FCC / RoHS

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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

Handheld Meteon 2.0 Data Logger
Handheld Meteon 2.0 Data Logger with a large LCD display for real-time readings. Logs 380,00 sets of min, max and average values for 7 instruments, including pulse from a connected kWh meter. Programmable logging start delay and interval. IP40. Operating temperature -10 to +40°C. Power supply 10-24vDC or Alkaline AA Batteries. Supplied in a tough carrying case together with: 5 x AA batteries, software, calibration certificate, USB interface cable and space for a radiometer with up to 10m cable. Suitable for up to 5 Smart Sensors (SMP, SHP, SGR, etc) and 1 Analogue Sensor (CM, CMP, CUV, SP-LITE or PQS), 1 pulse input for kWh readings
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