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Subsea Stainless Steel Turbine Flow Meters

Subsea Stainless Steel Turbine Flow Meters

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Subsea stainless steel turbine flow meters for liquids, pipe sizes 1/4" to 6" with BSP threaded end connections or ANSI flanges, operating pressures up to 5,000 PSI, 350 bar. Flow ranges from 0.5 - 5ltrs/min to 1000 - 10000ltrs/min. Options: Eexia, digital indicators, subsea operation, high operating temperature up to 400°C
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Available in a wide variety of body sizes and styles, all NT flow meters possess an electrical pulse output directly proportional to flow rate. Remote flow rate indication, alarms, totalising and batch control functions are available utilising our wide range of secondary electronic instruments.

The flow meters are suitable for use on lubricating or non-lubricating liquids of low to medium viscosity and are largely insensitive to density variations, pressure or temperature fluctuations.

Contact parts are produced from 316 stainless steel,except rotors which must possess good magnetic qualities, and here 431 stainless is used or Ferralium alloy depending upon the corrosive properties of the liquid.

Standard end connections are screwed BSP parallel thread with included 30 degree internal cones to BS5200, but Ermeto threads are also available. Flanged meters are normally to ANSI 150 orBS4504 (DIN) standards, but older type flanges to BS10 tables D-H may also be fitted.

The electrical signal is a sinusoidal pulse of minimum height 50mV peak at lowest flow rate, rising to 800mV peak at max flowrate. For normal transmission distances pre-amplifiers are not essential since pulse shaping and conditioning are carried out in the appropriate electronic readout unit. In cases where heavy electrical noise is present or where transmission distances are over 500 metres, pre-amplifiers of standard or intrinsically safe design are available as head mounted weatherproof units and loop powered.

NT Technical DataSubsea Turbine Flow Meter


Linear Accuracy: <0.5% over 10:1 Range
Repeatibility: <±0.1% of Reading
Response Time: <50 millisecs for 50% step change in flow rate
Output Signal: Sinusoidal pulses 50mV-800mV peak
Operating Pressure: Twice the pressure drop across the meter
Pressure Drop: 0.2-0.5 Bar depending on meter size
Flow Range: 10:1 as standard

-30°C min, 150°C max (standard coils)
400°C special design & 120°C Intrinsically Safe

Transmission Distance: 500m max

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Price range : £939.00 - £3,963.00

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Subsea coil - welded coil boss, PVC sleeve, cable Gland, potted for subsea use   +£300.00

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Description       NT turbine flow meter, all stainless steel body and wetted parts. Accuracy 0.5% FSD. Standard operating temperature -30 to +150°C. With AC sine wave frequency output

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NT Series Subsea Flow Meters
NT Series Subsea Flow Meters
NT turbine flowmeter, all stainless steel body and wetted parts. Sizes 1/2 to 6 inch with ANSI flanges or BSP threads. Flow ranges 0.5-5 ltrs/min to 1000 to 10,000 ltrs/min. Accuracy 0.5% FSD. Standard operating temperature -30 to +150 deg C. With AC sine wave frequency output
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