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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
A selection of protocol converters that will provide a two way signal conversion from one type to another. Units can converter: ModBus TCP to ModBus RTU/ASCII; ModBus TCP to DF1; ModBus to NMEA; ModBus ACSII/RTU to Hostlink; ModBus ASCII/RTU to DF1; and a ModBus ASCII/RTU Multiplexer.
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EGW1-2ETH-IA3-MB Modbus TCP Protocol Converter with 2 RJ45 Ports
EGW1-2ETH-IA3-MB - Serial Modbus To Modbus TCP Converter with Dual Ethernet Switch
The EGW1-2ETH module is used to connect any industrial equipment with Modbus RTU or ASCII, to a TCP / IP protocol to transmit data across an two RJ45 Ports. An EGW1-2ETH unit is available 4 RS232/RS485 ports , or a single isolated RS232/485 or RS422 port.
Price range : £507.48 - £625.46
EGW1-IA3-MB Modbus ASCII or RTU to Modbus TCP Protocol Converter
EGW1-IA3-MB - Modbus ASCII or RTU To Modbus TCP Protocol Converter
The EGW1-MB module is used to connect any industrial equipment with Modbus RTU or ASCII, to an Ethernet TCP / IP protocol to transmit data across an Ethernet connection. An EGW1-MB unit is available with 10 digital I/O channels for additional monitoring and onsite control. This option makes it different from similar devices, since it provides an integrated solution for control applications without the need to any additional modules.
Price range : £405.78 - £523.76
EGW1-MB-WiFi - Serial Modbus to Modbus TCP via RJ45 or WiFi
EGW1-MB-WIFI - Modbus ASCII / RTU to Modbus TCP Converter with Ethernet or WiFi Connection
This is a device used to connect any Modbus enabled industrial equipment to an Ethernet network via RJ45 port, or WiFi. It was designed for industrial applications where all equipment involved uses Modbus TCP, Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU communications. EGW1-MB-WIFI can connect PLCs, drives, temperature controllers, bar-code readers, vision systems, and any other type of serial communication industrial equipment to an Ethernet network via RJ45 port or WiFi Network. EGW1-1B0-6C-RM-WiFi version includes 6 configurable digital I/O terminals.
Price range : £780.04 - £803.43
SGW1-IA2-MMP  Modbus Multiplexer
SGW1-IA2-MMP Modbus Multiplexer
The SGW1-IA2-MMP Modbus Multiplexer is capable of connecting up to 3 RS232 Modbus ASCII/RTU devices to single RS485 Modbus ASCII/RTU device transparently. The unit has four independent serial ports that can be connected to a Master or Slave unit with different baud rates or Modbus protocols (ASCII or RTU). The four independently configurable serial ports also allows the SGW1-IA2-MMP to be used as a converter for 3 RS232 inputs to a single RS485 output, using Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU on any of the four ports.
Price range : £392.73 - £392.73
SGW1-IA3-MMP Modbus Multiplexer
SGW1-IA3-MMP Modbus Multiplexer

The SGW1-IA3-MMP is a multi-function device that allows multiplexing, conversion and data exchange between Modbus RTU and ASCII serial devices. The SGW1-IA3-MMP can be used to connect up to 3 Modbus Master devices to up to 3 Modbus Slave devices via 4 configurable RS232/RS485 ports. Each port can be independantly configurable as Modbus ASCII or RTU protocol, baud rate, RS232/485 or Master/Slave devices.

Price range : £392.56 - £416.97
EGW1-IA3-MB-HT HART to Modbus Protocol Converter
EGW1-MB-HT HART to Modbus TCP, RTU and ASCII Converter

The EGW1-IA3-MB-HT module is used to connect any industrial equipment with a HART protocol to a Modbus TCP, RTU or ASCII protocol. Allowing HART data to be collected by a Modbus network or  transmitted across an Ethernet connection using Modbus TCP. An EGW1-MB-HT unit can be used to connected a HART network to an RS232, RS485 Modbus devices, plus a Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet network using up to 16 simulataneous connections.

Price range : £532.91 - £532.91
SGW1-MB-NM - NMEA to Modbus Converter
SGW1-IA3-MB-NM NMEA to Modbus Converter
The SGW1-MB-NM allows you to read NMEA 0183 data coming from a GPS device or weather station using a Modbus device. This unit will convert NMEA data to Modbus registers, allowing Latitude, Longitude, Course, Speed, etc from a GPS device to be collect via a Modbus network.
Price range : £328.49 - £328.49
MiniPlex3-USB MODBUS to NMEA Converter and Multiplexer
MiniPlex3-USB MODBUS to NMEA Converter and Multiplexer
MiniPlex-3-USB NMEA multiplexer with 4 NMEA inputs or MODBUS inputs and 2NMEA outputs and USB PC interface
Price range : £258.23 - £258.23
SGW1-IA3-MB-HL Hostlink to Modbus Converter
SGW1-IA3-MB-HL Modbus ASCII / RTU to Hostlink Converter
SGW1-IA3-MB-HL converts an OMRON PLC (Hostlink Protocol) into a Modbus ASCII/RTU Slave easily. Using SGW1-MB-HL you can connect an OMRON PLC to a Modbus Network. Protocol conversion is based on easy-to-fill translation tables. EG: You can read OMRON registers DM0100 to DM0199 through Modbus registers 40100 to 40199.
Price range : £471.89 - £471.89
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