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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Tinytag Aquatic Underwater Temperature Loggers

Tinytag Aquatic Underwater Temperature Loggers

Quick Overview

Designed for long term immersion, these unit are waterproof to a depth of 500m making it ideal for environmental monitoring in rivers and seas. The Aquatic 2 comes in a high visibility yellow case has an attachment point that can be used to secure the logger in position. The Aquatic unit can store up to 32,000 readings.
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Tinytag Aquatic 2 – TG-4100.

Designed with long-term immersion in mind, this unit is waterproof to a depth of 500m, making it ideal for environmental monitoring in rivers and oceans. The high visibility yellow case has an attachment point that can be used to secure the logger in position. The lid can be removed to enable user-replacement of the battery. Data is downloaded to the computer via a USB or serial download pad. This ‘wireless connection’ eliminates the need for sockets with waterproof caps which can easily be lost or forgotten.


  • Waterproof to 500m
  • 32,000 reading capacity 
  • User-programmable logging interval
  • 2 user-programmable alarms
  • Delayed and trigger-start option
  • 3 stop options 
  • User-replaceable battery 
  • Low battery warning
  • Robust and completely waterproof case



Logger TG-4100
Memory Size 16K (Non-volatile)
Readings 32,000 (approx)
Resolution 16 Bit
Delayed Start Relative / Absolute (up to 45 days)
Stop Options When full. After n Readings. Never.
Reading Types Actual, Minimum, Maximum
Logging Interval 1 second to 10 Days
Offload While stopped, inductive pad
Functional Range -40 to +70°C
IP Rating IP68 Waterproof


You will also require Tinytag Explorer software and the ACS-3030 inductive download pad for the TG-4100 to use these data loggers.


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Components / Downloads

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Tinytag Aquatic 2 Data Logger
Tinytag Aquatic 2 data logger, Temperature Range -40 to +70 C. Temperature logger submersible to a depth of 500m.
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Trigger Start Magnet for various Tinytag data loggers. The magnet is ideal for delayed triggering of Tinytag loggers that have been set up for a trigger start. The magnet is merely passed over the correct location on the logger and the lights will start to flash showing that logging procedure has been started. The position of the unit’s trigger start switch is indicated by the • • • label on the back of the logger.
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Tinytag Starter Packs
Tinytag software and download cable starter pack. This starter pack contains USB inductive pad, Software CD, with device drivers, and an English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish quick start guide. This pack is suitable for use with the Tinytag Transit, Splash and Aquatic data loggers. The Tinytag software comes with a site licence allowing installation on multiple PCs at the same location, additional software should be purchased when used at a different site location.
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Tinytag Inductive Pad
Tinytag USB inductive pad for configuring and downloading the Tinytag Splash 2, Aquatic 2 and Transit 2 loggers. The ACS-3030 inductive pad is the download connection for Tinytag inductive data loggers and is ideal for use in wet or harsh environments, or where large numbers of loggers are being programmed. It plugs into the PC via USB cable facilitating the offloading and configuration of multiple loggers without the need to directly connect a cable to the logger. Cable length 1m. This pad is supplied with a CD containing a copy of the Tinytag USB User Guide.
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Tinytag Service Kits
A service kit for the Tinytag Aquatic 2 data logger. This pack contains a replacement battery, 'O' ring and a service instruction sheet.
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