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Temperature Transmitters TxBlock & TxRail

Temperature Transmitters TxBlock & TxRail

Quick Overview

TxBlock and TxRail are fully programmable temperature transmitters dedicated to PT100 and thermocouple industrial sensors with configurable working ranges. The TxBlock is a head mount unit and provides a 4-20mA outputs, the TxRail is a DIN rail mount unit and there are options for a 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs. Both units can be easily configured by the user using the TxConfig software and USB lead. The TxRail units also accept, 0-50mV, 0-10v and 0-20mA input signals.
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  • Programmable input: thermocouples type J, K, T, E, N, R, S, and PT100 RTD with programmable working range
  • 2-wire loop powered 4-20mA output
  • Linearized  4 to 20mA or 20 to 4mA output for TC and PT100
  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouples
  • Optional 0 to 10vDC for TxRail only
  • 2 or 3-wire PT100 with linearization
  • Windows configurator (optional)
  • Configuration with a PC via TxConfig interface
  • Manual zero (offset) adjustment can be done by means of a wire jumper simulating a keyboard for the TxBlock or with 2 front keys in the TxRail
  • Digital filter can be set for best 50 or 60 Hz performance
  • Power supply: 12 to 30vDC
  • Accuracy: PT100 and 0 to 50mV ±0.2% full scale. Thermocouples ± 0.3% max. of full scale
  • Temperature effect:  0.003% SPAN/°C
  • Working temperature:  -40 to +85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
  • Sensor failure protection: programmable burnout upscale or downscale
  • Dimensions: TxBlock: 44 mm (Diam.) x 25 mm (H including bornes). TxRail: 72 mm (H) x 78 mm (D) x 19 mm (W)

TxConfig USB Interface

The TxConfig USB is the configuration interface to configure the whole Smart Transmitters family with 0 to 10Vdc and 4 to 20mA outputs. By using this interface the user can either perform the transmitter configuration without an external power supply and connected to the current loop. This interface works together TxConfig software.


  • Easy to install, no special driver needed
  • USB communication between the PC and the transmitter
  • Configures the transmitter without external power supply, powered by USB bus
  • Electrical connections made easy
  • Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • Operating system: Windows XP and Vista

TXConfig programming software allow you to set the input type, and measurement range:

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Components / Downloads

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TxBlock-USB Program. 2-Wire Temp. Transmitter, head mount 4-20mA output. Programmable input: thermocouples type J,K,T,N,E,R,S,B, and PT100, PT1000 and NTC RTD, 2-wire loop powered 4-20mA or 20-4mA output. 2, 3 or 4-wire PT100 input with linearization output. Accuracy: ±0.1% full scale for PT100, mV and thermocouples. ±0.3% NTC Working temperature:-40 to +85°C (-40 to 185 F). TxBlock Dimensions: 43.5mm (diam.) x 20.5mm.
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TxRail-USB DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitter with programmable 4-20mA and 0-10vDC Output. Suitable for PT100, Thermocouple (Type J, K, T, E, N, R or S), NTC and 0-50mV with configurable measurement ranges. Transmitter generates a 2-wire loop powered 4-20mA output or a 0-10V output. USB micro-B port allows direct PC connection for configuration. Power Supply 12 to 35vDC. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a DIN Rail. Dimensions: 99.5 x 114 x 12.5mm. Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C.
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Programming Kit
TxConfig Programming USB interface cable and software. Required for programming TxBlock and TxRail transmitters for input range and output. This interface cable is not required for TXBlock-USB and TXRail-USB devices as these will connect via a standard USB cable for configuration.
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