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Omni Instruments Ltd - About Us

Omni Instruments was formed in 1996 by Jim Furness and was launched to provide businesses and individuals with a one stop shop for data loggers and associated sensors suitable for a wide range of different applications. The business developed from a small bedroom business into a multi-millon pound enterprise that can now provide data loggers and sensors for everything from subsea applications to small scale SMS alarm systems.

We are much more than a simple web shop. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of sensors and data loggers, together with sound advice and good technical support to cover your own specific requirements. Our sales engineers have many years of experience in instrumentation, measurement and data logger applications with backgrounds in a variety of different fields. So, whatever your applications, one of our experts will be able to help you get the right solution for you. We have sales engineers that are able to make site visits to help ensure the most appropriate equipment is selected and our technicians can also help with onsite commissioning in the UK.

With our wide range of data loggers and sensors sourced from around the world, we can ensure the best products are used for your application. Our expertise and experience of building systems and integrated solutions also means we can provide everything built to fit your requirements. Whether that be a permanent installation or a portable solution for field applications.

We have a dedicated technical support team to help you with any questions regarding using our equipment. We also have inhouse test facilities for pressure and flow, with inhouse calibrations available with a UKAS traceable certificate for pressure sensors up to 1000 Bar and full UKAS calibrations available at an approved UKAS calibration lab.

Our offices are open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday to Thursday and 8:30 AM to 3 PM on Friday.

We hold stock on the following product lines:

Data Loggers - Temp/RH
Acceleration & Pressure:
A wide range of Tinytag, EL-USB, MSR145, MSR175 and LEO Record Ei loggers.
Data Loggers - Multi Channel Programmable: LogBoxes LogBox Connects, Fieldloggers, DT80, DT82I, DT82E, DT85, GL240 and virtually all remote logging systems.
Data Acquisition Systems High Speed & PC: DigiRail Modules.
Display & Control Products: 4114, 4116, 4131 and 4501 keypad display, plus the full range of 5714 programmable displays
Flow Meters: Omni-TDI-200H ultrasonic Flowmeters, AVT Air Flowmeters and MiniAir Anemometers
Gyros & Accelerometers IMU's & Tilt Sensors: LMPS-CU2, LPMS-URS2 & LPMS-B2 Inertial Measurement Units..
Hire Units: A selection of Data loggers, Portable Ultrasonic Flow meters and Weather Stations.
Level & Distance Sensors: TSPC Level & Distance sensors plus PTM/N Depth sensors.
Pressure Sensors: Series 21Y, LEO 2 & LEO Record Manometers suitable for safe and hazardous area applications.
Radio & GSM Telemetry: TCG240D, HPS-120, HPS-200 and a wide selection of Exemys units
Temperature & Humidity: HBS6000, TXRails & TXBlocks, PT100 & K Type Thermocouples, RHT units and standard HC2A-S HygroClip probe and extension cables
Test & Calibration: TM-8812, VM-6360 and inhouse pressure calibration up to 1000 Bar.
Vibration Monitoring: VM-6360 Handheld vibration meter
Weather Stations & Instruments WindSonic & Yacht Anemometers, Barometric Pressure Sensors, HC2A-S probes and Stevenson screens.