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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
This section includes units suitable for sending collected data from analogue, digital or MODBUS inputs and sends data by email or direct to a web browser via GSM/GPRS. Units will also send SMS alarm text and/or e-mail messages when the programmed levels are reached. This section also includes a plug-in GSM controlled power socket for European and UK power supplies, which can be controlled from, and alarm to, a mobile phone.

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GRD-4GM Series Data Logger with Mobile & Satellite Communications
GRD-4GM Series Data Logger with Mobile & Satellite Communications
The GRD-4GM series data loggers are designed for remotely monitoring sensors and other instruments with cellular & satellite connection to a remote server for data logging and control. GRD units are available with 0-10V, 4-20mA, digital state and pulse inputs, and digital outputs as well as serial ports for Modbus Master/Slave communications and connection of a satellite modem. Data is sent from the units to a remote server, where the Middleware software creates a MySQL database. Our M2M interface allows this data to be published to a web interface accessible from anywhere in the world with user/password security and internet connection. The web interface provides both real time and historic data in table and graph format. Data can be downloaded from the web page in XLS format as required. SMS and email alerts can be generated for alarm conditions from the website, with SMS alarms also available directly from the units themselves. Customers may also publish data direct to their own MySQL database on their server, which Omni Instruments can provide a software package to build your own web interface.
Price range : £78.65 - £960.73
M2M Web Interface
M2M Data Web Interface for Remote Data Acquisition
Our M2M system allows various data loggers to send their data directly to our web server, or to an intermediary server that can accept SMS message before passing the data on to our web server. The web server uses several databases to manage the data along with a third party web application called Mango Automation. Once the data has been collected and scaled on the web server, the data is then displayed in several formats such as a graphical display, charts and statistical details. The users can log into the web site from any location to view or download the available data as required. The M2M system can be configured to provide alarms via email, or SMS with the additional module. Also available from the M2M system are many different kinds of reports that can be scheduled on a recurring basis or only run when a user requests the data. The reports can also be emailed to anyone that needs to get the data. Our M2M web Interface will currently accepts data from GRD and OmniText data loggers with other loggers being added in the future.
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