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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
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HRDi Charge Controller

HRDi Charge Controller

Quick Overview

The new HRDi regulator is the latest wind and solar charge regulator featuring a new digital display and 160W solar panel input in a dual charging system. It's the next step up from the HRDX regulator which has been designed to meet the needs of increasing power demands and features a full digital display for an improved level of system information. The hybrid wind/solar charge controller can charge up to two separate banks of batteries for use with the Rutland 504, 913 or FM910-3 wind turbines.
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  • Clear alpha-numeric digital LCD screen with user display options
  • Connectable to two independent battery banks with voltages shown on display
  • Push button activated and timer controlled back light
  • Auto configuration to 12 or 24 V supply
  • Latest technology micro controller based system shuts wind charger down when batteries are full
  • Wall mounted modern moulded structure with easy access connection ports
  • Manual shutdown switch
  • Bulk and float phase charge control indicated on LCD
  • Temperature compensation of charge voltage using internal sensor or external sensor also supplied
  • Optional remote display can be added via dedicated port (to follow later this year)
  • Accepts up to 6 mm² cable (SWG 11 or AWG 9)

Technical Features

  • The PWM electronic charge regulator tapers charge to the battery to limit current and avoid battery overcharge. When regulating the Windcharger speed is reduced.
  • Standard regulator cut in level is 13.8 Volt and fully on at 14.4 Volt for 12 Volt systems   (24 Volt= 27.6 Volt - 28.8 Volt).
  • Built in charge splitter for 2 isolated battery banks.
  • LCD digital display of:
    • Windcharger current
    • Solar current
    • Net charge current
    • Battery 1 voltage
    • Battery 2 voltage
  • Charge source shutdown switch
  • Designed for use with Rutland 504, 503, 913 or FM910-3 plus up to 160w of solar panels.

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HRDi voltage controller for the FM910-4 wind charger, 12/24V. Provides overvoltage protection and will slow turbine when batteries are full. Full LED display reading charge currents and battery voltages over up to 2 separate battery banks.
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