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FRIGGA A90 Cold Chain Temp & GPS Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
May 21,2019
The FRIGGA A90 is a disposable USB cold chain data logger suitable for monitoring temperature and more >
Weather stations, sensors for wind, rainfall
temp/RH, barometric pressure, solar radiation
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Wind Speed and Direction Sensors
Anemometers for measuring wind velocity and/or wind direction with voltage,current ( 4-20mA) and serial outputs. Solid state and spinning cup type units
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Weather Stations
Complete remote weather stations, for wind speed, direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation etc. with options for data collection via GSM, GPRS ( web browser interface ) or email. We can build weather stations to meet your particular requirements, supplied with tripods or masts, and solar power for long term remote installations.
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Pyranometers − Solar Irradiance
Pyranometers are widely used by weather and climate scientists to monitor the amount of solar radiation hitting the Earth at a specific location and time. Pyranometers are used for to monitor the solar radiation flux density in Watts per square meter. The Wm value can be critical in calculating the return on investment and the ongoing efficiency of solar farms and other solar power installations.
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Radiometers − UV, IR & Net Solar Irradiance
Radiometers are used to measure radiant energy. This section includes a selection of radiometers suitable for monitoring specific bands of the spectral range. Pyrgeometers provide high accuracy infrared measurements, UVS Series units cover Ultraviolet radiation and quantum sensors cover Photosynthetic Active Radiation. Net radiometers provide measurements of both incoming and outgoing solar radiation.
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Suntrackers − Direct & Diffuse Irradiance
A Suntracker provides a stable mounting for a pyrheliometer and other solar instrumentation as it moves horizontally (azimuth) and vertically (zenith) to follow the solar arc throughout the year. A solar sensor can also be used to provide active tracking of the Sun to account for any inaccuracies in the internal clock and any movements of the trackers mounting base, A pyrheliometer is used to take accurate direct solar radiation from the Sun, whilst the suntrackers can be fitted with, or without, shading balls to allow pyranometers to take diffuse or total solar radiation measurements. The CM121 Shadow Ring can also be used to shield a sensor from direct radiation for diffuse irradiance measurements.
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Light Level Sensors

Solar radiation and light level sensors for interior and external installations.

Solar radiation sensors include the CS3 Sunshine Duration sensor and GMX101 Solar Radiation Sensor that are ideal for monitoring total sunshine hours and radiation levels for weather networks and tourist information

The CSD3 provides a simple digital output for Sunny/Not Sunny and a 1mV per W/m² signal.
The GMX101 provides solar radiation in w/m², sunshine hours calculation, twilight, position of the sun, sun rise, sunset and solar noon via a serial output.

The light sensors in include wall, ceiling and external mounted sensors with a 0-10V output plus a combined light level and occupancy sensor with a relay output suitable for controlling internal lights. Sensors are suitable for building automation or monitoring local light levels for improved energy efficiency.

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Weather and Environmental Sensors

Weather and environmental sensors for rainfall, temperature and humidity, barometric pressure.

Rainfall sensors (also known as udometer or pluviometer) include a traditional tipping rain bucket, optical rain sensor and capacitance rain sensors.

Capacitance rain sensors are ideal for building management systems as they provide a clear indication of 'Rain' or 'No Rain'.
Tipping rain buckets are the simpliest method of determining rain fall rate by counting pulses in a fixed short time period.
Optical rain sensor allow more detailed information including the time when rain starts and stops, rainfall totals and rain intensity.

Other sensors include: a HC2 Hygroclip sensor for monitoring air temperature and relative humidity; Stevenson screen suitable for the HC2 sensor to protect the sensor from the affects of wind and rain; and a PI600 Barometric pressure sensor with options for output, electrical and process connections to suit your application.

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