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AC Voltage Transducers

AC Voltage Transducers

Quick Overview

AC voltage transducers measure AC voltage either directly or through a voltage transformer. The transducer converts the AC voltage signal to either a DC mA or DC voltage output which is directly proportional to the input signal value.
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  • Isolated DC mA or DC voltage output
  • Accuracy ±0.25%FS
  • Adjustable 'span' and 'zero'
  • DIN rail mounting enclosure
  • 4kV rms 50Hz 1 minute isolation
  • Screw type terminals
  • Fingerproof terminal cover included
Models Available

EVCC - Self-powered zero based output
EVCP - Auxiliary powered live zero output
EVCX - Self-powered expanded scale
EVXP - Auxiliary powered expanded scale
EVCR - Auxiliary powered true RMS
EVXR - Auxiliary powered true RMS Expanded scale

The EVCC and EVCP are average sensing rms calibrated while the EVCR is a true rms sensing, rms calibrated transducer typically used for measuring distorted waveforms. The EVCX, EVXP and EVXR are designed to monitor the deviation of a voltage over a narrow band around the specified nominal voltage. The EVCC and EVCX transducers are self powered whilst all other AC voltage transducers are powered from a large choice of AC or DC auxiliary power options. The 4kV isolated output signals can then be fed to analogue meters, digital meters, PLC’s or building management systems.

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Description       DIN rail mounted AC voltage transducer with isolated DC outputs, accuracy 0.25%, adjustable span and zero.

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AC Voltage Transducers
AC Voltage Transducers
DIN rail mounted AC voltage transducer with isolated DC outputs, accuracy ±0.25%, adjustable span and zero.
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