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190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Clamp on Heat Meter

190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Clamp on Heat Meter

Quick Overview

The 190PDE is a heat meter that utilises the 190PD ultrasonic flow meter and a pair of termperature probes to provide a convenient portable heat meter suitable for short term non-invasive heat meter and flow monitoring. Separate sets of transducers provide a wide ppe diameter range from as small as 15mm up to 1,200mm and the meter itself can be configured for various different pipe materials and thicknesses.
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  • Ideal for both dirty and clean fluid applications.
  • Analog and digital outputs.
  • Data logger with graphical display of data.
  • Simple setup and installation.
  • Built in help.
  • Automatic speed of sound measurement and flow profile correction algorithm.*
  • Measure flow rate and energy consuption and flow within a pipe without cutting the pipe.
  • Easy to attach clamp-on sensors.
  • Suitable for all commonly used sonically conductive pipe materials and liquids.
  • Clearly laid out high tactile response keypad.
  • Very large flow measuring range with no complicated upper velocity limits.
  • Wide range of special application sensors including sensors suitable for concrete lined pipes*.
  • Latest transit time correlation signal detection system and Doppler

The 190PDE portable heat meter is supplied with two matched precision temperature probesthat are to be clamped to the flow and return pipes of the heating or cooling system, they can be inserted into pockets if available or coupled to the pipe using heat transfer cement.

The unit measures the flow rate and the temperature difference, then using the internally stored specific heat capacity and density of the selected fluid at the measured temperature automatically calculates the energy flow rate and energy total. Very accurate measurements are possible easily meeting the accuracy requirements of EN1434. For permanent applications, a 190F unit is available with a BTU computer for heat metering applications.

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Description       190 Series portable, dual mode, ultrasonic, clamp-on Flow Meter with integral energy flow calculator. Electronics: Hand held, battery & mains powered with AZW Correlation measurement system 153 Display: Rate of flow, totalised flow, velocity. Units selectable via the keypad. Data Logger: Built-in, 60000 flow readings. Saved as text and graph. RS232 connection to PC. Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable battery. Mains adaptor 110V/240V AC. Output: 4-20mA & pulse. Complete with: Pipe mounting kit, interconnecting cables, Manual and hard carrying case.

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190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Heat Meter
190PDE Portable Non-invasive Ultrasonic Flowmeter. Kit comprises of handheld meter, transducers for pipe sizes from 15-1200mm, two temperature sensors, sensor guide rail, chains and straps, mains charger, ultrasonic couplant, manual, aluminium flight case.
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