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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
A selection of temperature and relative humidity probes for use with HygroPalm, HygroFlex and HygroLog portable and fixed system instruments. These probes are also suitable for standard alone OEM projects.
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HC2A HygroClip Temperature and Humidity Probe
HYGROCLIP 2. Standard Air Measurement Probes.
The HC2A-S is the standard and most cost effective range of probes for the measurement of humidity and temperature in air using handheld instruments, data loggers or transmitters. Fully interchangeable with a digital output to suit products like the HygroPalm handheld and HygroFlex transmitters. The HygroClip sensors also provide two analogue 0-1V output signal for OEM or data logging applications. These sensors are ideal for use with our Stevenson screen for monitoring temperature and humidity conditions as part of a weather station.
Price range : £23.00 - £691.00
HYGROCLIP 2. Mini Probes.
HYGROCLIP 2. Mini Probes.
Hygroclip 2 Mini probes measure humidity and temperature in tight spaces with a 4mm stainless steel or 5mm nickel-plated brass probe on 2m of cable. Being two of the smallest combined humidity and temperature probe available, the SC04 & SC05 probes are well suited to applications where space is at apremium, or when the minimum intrusion is important. In applications where dust may be present, a slip over filter is available (Ref SP-T05).
Price range : £603.00 - £664.00
HYGROCLIP 2. High Temperature Measurement Probes.
HYGROCLIP 2. High Temperature Measurement Probes.

Hygroclip 2 High Temperature probes measure humidity and temperature up to 200°C. The probe is handheld, but the long probe enables full penetration into ducts, ovens, dryers or climatic chambers whilst the operator remains at a safe distance. The high performance PPS probe can withstand the wide operating range, yet has a low thermal mass which provides a faster response times than metal probes. It can be fitted with a range of filters to provide the optimum sensor protection and response characteristics the application requires.

Price range : £778.00 - £796.00
HYGROCLIP 2. Sword Measurement Probes.
HYGROCLIP 2. Sword Measurement Probes.
Hygroclip 2 Sword probes measure humidity (ERH) and temperature in paper, card, textiles and any sheet materials. The handheld probe is robust yet lightweight and the sword has rounded edges to minimise insertion damage, and thermally equilibrates extremely quickly with the material to give you a fast result.
Price range : £833.00 - £833.00
HYGROCLIP 2. Industrial Cable Mounted Probes
HYGROCLIP 2. Industrial Cable Mounted Probes
The HygroClip industrial cable mounted probes are especially designed for demanding industrial environments with high temperatures of up to 200°C. It measures humidity and temperature and is compatible with the HF5, HF8 series measurement transmitters, HP32 and HP23 handheld devices, plus the HL-NT data loggers.
Price range : £36.00 - £656.00

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HYGROCLIP 2. Stainless Steel Industrial Probes
HYGROCLIP 2. Stainless Steel Industrial Probes
Stainless steel cable mounted HygroClip2 100mm probe for measurements in industrial applications where the extra robustness of a stainless steel probe is essential. Typical applications include the food and pharmaceutical industry, or very high temperature applications. The probe is supplied with a metal sensor protection cage, that can be fitted with a range of filters to protect from high air velocity, dust and other contaminants.
Price range : £36.00 - £1,147.00
HC2A-IE02 Screw-In Probe
HYGROCLIP 2. Screw-in Probes
Industrial screw-in probe for pressurised and vacuums applications up to 400 Bar with ½" BSP or ½" NPT connection. Mounted on a 2m cable with a digital interface to connect to the HygroFlex 5 series of transmitters.
Price range : £36.00 - £1,120.00
Hygroclip HC2 EX Probes
Hygroclip HC2 EX Probes
A selection of HC2 probes suitable for monitoring temperature and relative humidity in hazardous areas. Probes are available with for direct connection to an HF5 EX transmitter, cable mounted with 2, 5 or 10m cable and with a 1/2" BSP or NPT thread. Probes can be mounted in a Zone 0 environment with HF5 EX transmitters in Zone 1 or 2.
Hazardous Area Approved
Price range : £492.00 - £1,506.00
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