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DBBSS / TSF Torque & Tension Load Cell

DBBSS / TSF Torque & Tension Load Cell

Quick Overview

Stainless Steel combined Torque and Axial Forces Load Cell. Ranges 1kN to 250kN, output 1.5mV/V to 3.0mV/V (refer to datasheet), accuracy 0.05%, sealed to IP65.
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The DBBSS/TSF dual axis force and torque sensor is a compact and accurate transducer designed to measure both static torque and axial load in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions/tension and compression respectively. The unique design of the 2-axis force and torque sensor ensures that crosstalk between the axes is minimised, with less than 1% being typical, whilst maintaining an excellent accuracy of better than 0.1% of rated capacity in both torque and force modes.

The DBBSS/TSF 2 axis force and torque sensor series is used widely in the geotechnical and materials testing sectors where it is employed as a central component on pieces of high accuracy analytical test equipment, although its design lends itself to a huge range of other applications where dual-axis measurement is required. The nature applications where the 2 axis force and torque sensor may be used is likely to require customisation in terms of size, capacity and the configuration of mounting holes or fixtures, and so we are pleased to say that design modifications to fit the DBBSS/TSF to your application can be offered with little or no effect on cost.


  • Capacities from 0-50N/0-1Nm to 0-250kN/0-2500Nm.
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Low Profile and Very Compact
  • Low Deflection
  • Minimal Crosstalk
  • Stainless Steel Robust construction
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Non-Standard ranges available on request.
  • Dual 4-core screened cable, one for each axis.
  • TEDS Available for Plug & Play with TEDS Enabled Instrumentation, eg. TR150 Display


  • Geotechnical Testing & Monitoring
  • Materials Testing Applications
  • Servo Hydraulic Testing Systems
  • Fatigue Testing Machines
  • Turbine Thrust & Torque Measurement
  • Renewable Energy Research & Development Aplications


Standard Capacities:

0-50N/0-1Nm; 0-100N/0-2Nm; 0-250N/0-5Nm; 0-500N/0-10Nm; 0-1kN/0-10Nm; 0-2.5kN/0-25Nm; 0-5kN/0-50Nm; 0-10kN/0-100Nm; 0-25kN/0-250Nm; 0-25kN/0-500Nm; 0-50kN/0-500Nm; 0-100kN/0-1000Nm; 0-250kN/0-2500nM
Sensitivity: 1mV/V Typical (0.5 typical on 0-50N/0-1Nm and 0-100/0-2Nm versions)
Zero Balance/Offset: <±1.0% Rated Output
Non-Linearity: Axial: <±0.05% Rated Output. Torque: <±0.10% Rated Output
Hysteresis: <±0.1% Rated Output
Repeatability: Axial: <±0.03% Rated Output. Torque: <±0.05% Rated Output
Input Resistance: 400 nominal (Force Axis) 750 nominal (Torque Axis)
Output Resistance: 350 nominal (Force Axis) 700 nominal (Torque Axis)
Insulation Resistance: >5000 Megaohms @ 50vDC
Excitation Voltage: 10vDC Recommended (2-15vDC Acceptable)
Operating Temperature: -20 to +80°C
Compensated Temperature: 0 to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -20 to +80°C
Safe Overload: 150% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Overload: >300% of Rated Capacity
IP Rating: IP65
Fatigue Life: 108 Cycles Typical (109 cycles on fatigue-rated version)
Cable: 5m, 6-Core Screened Cable via 6-pin Bayonet Lock Connector
Construction: Stainless Steel and Aluminium (below 0-500N/0-10Nm. Otherwise Stainless Steel


DBBSS/TSF Dimensional Drawings


Capacity ØA B
D Thread E
ØF ØG Weight
0-50N/0-1Nm, 0-100N/0-2Nm, 0-250N/0-5Nm, 0-500N/0-10Nm 66 80 20/H7 6 M4 x 6DP 50 60 800g
0-1kN/0-10Nm, 0-2.5kN/0-25Nm, 0-5kN/0-50Nm 84 86 25/H7 8 M5 x 7DP 64 76 3.5Kg
0-10kN/0-100Nm, 0-25kN/0-250Nm, 0-25kN/0-500Nm 86 120 25/H7 6 M8 x 12DP 60 78 4.5Kg
0-50kN/0-500Nm, 0-100kN/0-1000Nm 135 125 30/H7 12 M10 x 15DP 100 125 11Kg
0-250kN/0-2500Nm 230 200 35/H7 12 M16 x 24DP 190 218 47Kg

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Description       DBBSS/TSF Torque & Tension Load Cell. Stainless Steel combined Torque and Axial Forces Load Cell. Output 1.5mV/V to 3.0mV/V (refer to datasheet), accuracy 0.05%, sealed to IP65.

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DBBSS/TSF Axial Force and Load Cell
DBBSS/TSF Series - Combined Axial Force & Torque Load Cell. Ranges 1kN to 250kN, . Load cells are constructed from Stainless Steel and has a IP65 rating
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