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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Charge controllers and regulators for solar panels and wind turbines
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HRS Charge Controller
HRS Charge Controller
The HRS Regulator incorporates electronic Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to regulate battery voltage to prevent overcharge. This generation of voltage regulation includes speed limiting to the turbine when the battery is full, which increases the lifetime of the windcharger. The HRS503 is designed for use with the Rutland 504 and previous Rutland 503 models.
Price range : £41.63 - £41.63
HRSi Charge Regulator
HRSi Charge Regulator
The HRSi conveniently brings together a Rutland Windcharger charge regulator with an input for up to 160 Watts of photovoltaic panels in a single easy to install device. Multi-stage charge control delivers appropriate charge levels required to ensure your batteries get the maximum power they are able to retain and remain float charged. Suitable for charge regulation of the Rutland 913 & FM910-3 Furlmatic model windchargers
Price range : £83.96 - £83.96
HRDi Charge Regulator
HRDi Charge Controller
The HRDi Charge Controller is the latest wind and solar charge regulator featuring a new digital display and 160W solar panel input in a dual charging system. The HRDi has evolved from and improved on the successful HRDX controller. It provides Charge Control and Power Splitting for off-grid system with two independent batteries. The contemporary design meets the needs of increasing power demands and features a useful digital display that shows the amount of generated free power, along with the battery state of charge. It is designed for use with the Rutland 504, 914i or FM910-4 Windchargers and up to 160W of solar panels. There is also a remote display option to allow for a more convenient placement of the display.
Price range : £107.58 - £188.13
Solsum Regulators
Solsum Regulators
Solsum Regulators provide protection for batteries from deep discharge and prevents reverse current in darkness. The Steca Solsum F-Line continues the huge success of one of the most used SHS controllers. Units have a power range of 6, 8 or 10A and will automatically recognise 12V or 24V. The circuit board comes with electronic protection and an LED user interface allows for easy checking of the battery state of charge at any time. The large terminals allow for connection to solar panels, battery and load. The Steca Solsum F works on PWM as a low loss series controller and is ideal for power regulation for logging systems with solar panels.
Price range : £25.17 - £39.83
DL-300 Leading Edge Wind Turbine Controller
DL300 Wind Turbine Controller (12/24V)
The DL-300 charge controller is designed to be used with the LE-v150, LE-300 and LE-300 wind turbines. It incorporates a 300 Watt resistor/heater and controller board in a stout powder coated steel enclosure. The DL-300 controller operates like an electrical overflow for your batteries and additional power is dissipated as heat. This means that the turbine is always running – and not being switched on and off as is the case with other charge control methods. It also means that your batteries are never ‘cycled’ through on/off charging techniques and this will prolong the life of your expensive battery bank.
Price range : £312.67 - £312.67
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