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Oct 01,2018
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VLS Optical Speed Sensor with Analogue Output

VLS Optical Speed Sensor with Analogue Output

2-3 Weeks Del.

Quick Overview

The VLS/DA1 Optical Sensor with integral Digital/Analogue converter, is designed for data-logging applications and where general speed monitoring of machines is required, it is particularly useful for monitoring & recording speed data. Available with 50-6000 or 50-60,000 RPM, with 0-6vDC analogue output.
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  • Rapid response to speed change – output is updated once per rev
  • Linear voltage vs speed output
  • Wide angle of incidence +/- 80 deg
  • On Target indicator standard
  • Contact Adaptor available
  • Easy installation
  • Rugged Glass filled nylon housing
  • Mounting brackets available

Optical Range 25 - 1000mm (2000mm Laser)
Overall Angle +/- 45% (+/- 80 deg Laser)
Light Sorces Minilamp (Tungsten Filament)
Red spot Laser
Speed Ranges Range 1 - 50 - 6,000 rpm
Range 2 - 50 - 60,000 rpm
Analogue Output 0 - 6vDC (both ranges)
Accuracy +/- 0.75% (Laser max. 85mA)
Resolution +/- 1.5mV
Output update rate Once per rev
On target indicator Standard Green LED
Power requirements - 7-15vDC Laser Model
- 5 vDC Non-Laser model
Connections 5 core cable 2m long
Dimensions Length 13 cm x Dia 3.4cm

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Components / Downloads

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Optical range standard 1 metre visible light version, Overall speed range 50 - 6000rpm Optical angle Up to +/- 45 deg. Lens Double lens reflex. Light sources Visible light 5vdc minilamp - typical 2,000hrs. Power requirements 7-15 vdc. Operating temperatures 10 to +70 deg C. Dimensions L 130mm x D 34mm. Cable output with 3 metres of cable
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Optical range 25 - 2000mm laser light version, Overall speed range 50 - 6000rpm or 60,000rpm. Optical angle Up to +/- 80 deg. Light sources red spot laser. Power requirements 5 vDC. Operating temperatures 10 to +70 deg C. Dimensions L 130mm x D 34mm. Cable output with 2 metres of 5 core cable.
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Reflective Tape
Reflective tape for VLS optical sensor. 25mm x 5m reel.
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VLS Speed Sensor Adaptor
Surface speeds and rpm measurements can be made by attaching this accessory to any of the VLS optical sensor. The perimeter of the adapter wheel is 10cm, which relates to the RPM value of the VLS sensors. Each RPM being the equivalent of 10cm and allowing a linear speed to be calculated.
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