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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >

Weather and environmental sensors for rainfall, temperature and humidity, barometric pressure.

Rainfall sensors (also known as udometer or pluviometer) include a traditional Tipping Rain Bucket (ideal for environmental monitoring total rainfall), Optical Rain Sensor (suitable for monitoring rain start and stop times, rainfall totals and intensity); and Capacitance Rain Sensors (ideal for Building Management Systems to provide a clear indication of 'Rain' or 'No Rain'.

Other sensors include: a HC2 Hygroclip sensor for monitoring air temperature and relative humidity; Stevenson screen suitable for the HC2 sensor to protect the sensor from the affects of wind and rain; and a PI600 Barometric pressure sensor with options for output, electrical and process connections to suit your application.


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GEN II Wireless Environmental Monitoring System
GEN II Wireless Environmental Monitoring System
The GENII wireless environmental monitoring system is able to cover a wide range of environmental parameters. Transmitters are available for direct connections to weather stations, heat flux sensors, thermocouples, light sensor, depth sensors, etc and any other sensors with standard mV, V or mA outputs. A system can be customised to your requirements, with battery or externally powered transmitters to cover virtually any type of environmental condition and can be linked up to a GEN II Energy Monitoring System to cover all your monitoring in one complete system. Up to 250 channels can be sent back to a single receiver logger unit over a 2-3Km range, with repeaters available to extend this range and deal with more difficult environments. The receiver logger will read the data from only the desired transmitters in range and multiple systems can be installed in one location to provide all the parameters into an easy to use format for data analysis.
Price range : £59.00 - £1,380.00
HC2A HygroClip Temperature and Humidity Probe
HYGROCLIP 2. Standard Air Measurement Probes.
The HC2A-S is the standard and most cost effective range of probes for the measurement of humidity and temperature in air using handheld instruments, data loggers or transmitters. Fully interchangeable with a digital output to suit products like the HygroPalm handheld and HygroFlex transmitters. The HygroClip sensors also provide two analogue 0-1V output signal for OEM or data logging applications. These sensors are ideal for use with our Stevenson screen for monitoring temperature and humidity conditions as part of a weather station.
Price range : £23.00 - £691.00
Small Stevenson Screen
Stevenson Screen Model 306
The lightweight Radiation Shield model 306 is a small Stevenson screen designed to protect temperature and relative humidity sensors against error-producing solar radiation and precipitation. The shape of the shield allows optimum wind flow between the discs, whilst prevent rain and the heat from the Sun affecting the sensors readings. The white UV stabilized thermoplastic discs offer a high reflectivity, low thermal conductivity and rugged weather resistance. The screen can be mounted directly to a wall, or to a mounting pole with diameters up to 27mm. Sensors are secured by the M26 compression gland fitted to the bottom of the bracket and is the ideal size for securing a standard HygroClip 2 temperature and humidity probe.
Price range : £75.48 - £75.48
TR-525 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
TR-525 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
The TR-525 rain gauge is a freestanding tipping rain bucket used to measure precipitation totals with a pulse output for rain fall totals. The open top funnel is available in various sizes to allow for different measurement units (mm or inches) and to provide different resolutions for rain fall totals. Buckets are also available to comply with the specifications required by the National Weather Service, which requires a minimum diameter of 8".
Price range : £38.65 - £842.85
Rain Sensor with Integral Heater
Rain Sensor with Integral Heater
The WD-RS1 range of sensors are combined with the WD-AMX alarm units to provide an output on the first signs of rain. The sensor has an integrated heater to prevent false alarms resulting from dew forming.
Price range : £74.29 - £74.29
MR42 Rain Sensor
MR42 Rain Sensor
The MR42 is a capacitance type rain sensor with an output (open collector) for either raining or not raining condition. The green sensor surface sensor is coated to protect against pollution and is heated a few degrees above ambient to ensure that it is not affected by fog or dew, plus it will help drying the surface after the precipitation has stopped falling.
Price range : £335.03 - £335.03
PA600B Barometric Pressure Transmitter
PA600 Barometric Pressure Transmitter
The PA600 series barometric pressure transducer has a range of 0.75 - 1.25 Bar absolute. It is available with 4-20mA 0-5V, 0-10V or 0.5 - 4.5V outputs The unit has a stainless steel body and suitable for long-term installation outdoors
Price range : £1.50 - £213.00

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