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NR Lite2 Net Radiometer

NR Lite2 Net Radiometer

Quick Overview

The NR Lite2 is a single component net radiometer used for monitoring the difference in incoming radiation from the Sun and sky and outgoing radiation from the ground. The NR Lite2 uses a double-sided thermopile detector fitted with black PTFE coated conical absorbers with a single output for the net radiation. The sensor covers a very wide spectral response from the Ultraviolet (UV) to far infrared (FIR). The NR Lite2 has an integral mounting rod for fitting to masts and poles with a 15m signal cable and stick to prevent birds settling on the sensor. The single output and wide spectral range makes this units ideal for monitoring the total net radiation in a wide range of different applications.
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The NR Lite 2 is used for measuring solar and far infrared radiation balance, the net (total) radiation. The upward facing sensor measures the incoming Ultraviolet (UV) and Far InfrarRed (FIR) radiation coming from the entire atmosphere, The paired downward facing sensor measures the radiation reflected from the surface below. The two readings are then automatically subtracted and the resulting output from the NR Lite 2 shows the net radiation at that location in Watts per square meter (Wm²).

The NR Lite 2 is designed for continuous outdoor use with the sensor surfaces coated with PTFE. This allows for a wide spectral range from 200nm up to 100µm, whilst providing a long life and easy maintenance. The sensor is not protected and is in direct contact with weather conditions. Therefore it cools down a lot faster due to wind and the top sensor can be covered by snow and ice. Additional wind speed monitoring can be used to correct for the wind speed sensitivity. Correction factors are included in the manual supplied with the unit to correct for a given wind speed.


  • Agricultural Meteorology: Evapotranspiration calculations, crop damage prevention.
  • Glacier and ice field Monitoring: Particular interest to global warming studies
  • Building Physics: Study of thermal stress and heat balance.
  • Road Safety: Highway condition monitoring.



Sensitivity: 10µV/Wm² (nominal)
Spectral Range: 200nm - 100,000nm
Expected Output Range: 200 to +1000Wm²
Operating Temperature: -40 to +80ºC
Response Time: <60 secs (95%)
Detector Protection: PTFE coated
Field of View: 180° upper and lower sensor
Mounting Rod: Fixed, 20mm diameter, 800mm long

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NR Lite2 Net Radiometer
NR Lite2 Net Radiometer with a standard millivolt output for net total radiation. Thermopile detector with a black PTFE coated conical absorbers on both sides. Signal output reflects the difference between the Sun/Sky radiation and ground radiation. Spectral range 20nm to 100 µm, response time less than 60 sec (95%), non-linearity less than 1% (over full range), sensitivity 10µV/Wm² (nominal). Captive cable 15m long. Integral mounting rod, 800mm long x 20mm diameter, for mast or pole fitting with an integral bubble level and bird-settling prevention stick.
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Mounting Options
CMB 1 Mounting Bracket. This bracket is suitable for various mounting rod sizes, from 12mm to 20mm diameter, and can be secured via u-bolts to masts or poles from 22mm up to 60mm diameter. The bracket can also be secured directly to a wall, or other flat surface.
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