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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Portable and bench-top instruments to measure water activity and temperature. Water activity is by definition the free or non chemically bound water in foods and other products. This is especially important in the case of perishable products such as foods, grain, seeds, etc. as well as medicines. Water temperature is an important factor in the storage and distribution of water used, where an incorrect water temperatures can promote Legionella bacteria to multiple. Our Legionnaires temperature kit provides a handy portable kit to allow for periodic monitoring and ensure temperatures are maintained below 20°C or above 45°C.
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HygroLab Water Activity Device
HygroLab - Laboratory Device for Water Activity Measurements

The HygroLab is an innovative high-end laboratory analyzer for water activity measurements with up to four measurement probe inputs. Simultaneous or asynchronous measurement with the tried-and-tested AW Quick measuring function for pharmaceutical products, tobacco, coffee, food and many more. The HygroLab has a modern touch screen interface for clear and simple measurement of water activity. The water activity meter can also be connected to the internet for remote control via PC or tablet. The measurements can thus be observed and the measurement reports downloaded from anywhere at any time.

Price range : £47.00 - £6,782.00
HC2-AW-USB Water Activity Probe
HC2-AW-USB Water Activity Station Probe
The HC2-AW-USB is a water activity probe that connects directly to a PC or laptop running the HW4-P-Quick software. The PC or laptop can be connected to multiple probes to be connected back to a single PC. The HC2-AW-USB is the perfect device for a multi station application, as multiple probes can be attached to a single PC. Sensors are available as a complete set with the relevant HW4 software, or as individual probes.
Price range : £120.00 - £3,493.00
HygroPalm 23 AW
HygroPalm 23 AW
The HygroPalm 23 AW sets are the perfect portable solution for on-site water activity measurements. They are supplied in a tough, lightweight ABS carry case and include everything needed for measurement and calibration. The new HP23-AW was developed as a portable solution with most of the functionality of the HygroLab3.
Price range : £678.00 - £3,314.07
Sample Holders and Disposable Sample Containers
Sample Holders and Disposable Sample Containers
A selection of sample holders and the related disposable sample containers for use with the HygroLab and HygroPalm 23 AW.
Price range : £120.00 - £1,297.00
Loose Grain Moisture Meter
Grain Moisture Meters
These grain moisture meters are ideal for portable solution for on-site moisture measurements in allotments, grain storage, machining of packed grains and a wide range of beans, lentils, rice and other loose grains and corns. MC-7825G includes an insertion probe sensor and the MC-7828G includes a sampling cup measurement system, allowing you to either take samplings in large storage containers, or remove samples from containers to take moisture readings.
Price range : £106.79 - £201.37
7000 Moisture Meter Kit
7000 Handheld Moisture Meter Kit
The 7000 moisture meter is a compact, general purpose moisture meter designed specifically for building professionals and tradesmen to check the moisture content in a variety of construction materials for moisture content diagnosis. Suitable for use on wood, plaster, concrete and various other materials. The unit is supplied as a kit which includes the 7000 moisture meter, general purpose two-pin probe, heavy duty hammer probe, general purpose pins - pack of 50, hammer probe pins - pack of 10, yellow protective silicone boot and ABS carrying case.
Price range : £6.00 - £271.00
Legionnaires Thermometer Kit
Legionnaires Thermometer Kit
This thermometer kit can be used to monitor the temperature of both storage tanks and pipework that form part of the water system. The kit includes probes to allow you to take measurements in various locations, using immersion, surface or PTFE wire probes.
Price range : £6.00 - £152.50
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