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MultiCal 403 Ultrasonic Energy Meter
  • MultiCal 403 Ultrasonic Energy Meter

Multical 403 Ultrasonic Energy Meter

Quick Overview

The Multical 403 is designed to monitor the energy transfers in all types of thermal installation where water is used as the energy-conveying medium. The meter utilises an ultrasonic flow meter and two temperature sensors to measure the flow rate and temperature of the outgoing and returning water to calculate the energy transferred. Suitable for pipe diameters from ½" to 2" with threaded connections and flanged connections of DN25 to DN50. The meter also includes an in-built data logger that can provide yearly, monthly, daily, hourly and minutely values. Meter are also MID Class E1 approved and suitable for billing purposes for use in housing associations, blocks of flats and small industry applications.
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  • Programmable data logger with AMR
  • Configurable M-Bus modules with logger reading
  • On-site configuration via front keys
  • Highly flexible modular design
  • Pulse inputs and pulse outputs
  • Real-time clock backup
  • 16 years’ battery lifetime
  • IP68 flow sensor


The Multical 403 is a static heat meter, cooling meter or combined heat/cooling meter based on the ultrasonic principle. The meter is intended for energy measurement in almost all types of thermal installations where water is used as the energy-conveying medium. The Multical 403 consists of a calculator, a flow sensor and two temperature sensors. The meter has been developed for measurement of energy consumption in flats, single-family and multi-family houses, housing associations,blocks of flats and small industry. The meter is simple to install, and it has a temperature range of 2 to 180 °C and a meter program with nominal flow from 0.6 m³/h
to 15 m³/h.


This unit replaces the previous Multical 402 ultrasonic flow meter.

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Description       Multical 403 with integrated ultrasonic flow part (1.5m signal cable), temperature sensor pockets.

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Multical 403 Ultrasonic Energy Meter
Multical 403 Heat Meter Integrator with Ultrasonic energy meter. Up to 16 years internal battery life or mains powered with various output options and can be connected to other water meters with pulse outputs. Pipe diameters from 3/4 inch screw to 50mm flange connections plus reducing kit option on screw connection meters. PT500 temperature sensors, temperature range 10 to 160°C, above 90°C display should be mounted separately. MID certified, suitable for billing purposes.
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