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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >
Range of data loggers for open channel flow, pressure ORP. DO, conductivty and orther parameters for waste water and water quality monitoring in sewers and water treatment works. ATEX approved with sensors for flow, level, and video capability. The meters use the cellular network to send logged data and video to web interface.
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EX-FlowSiren ATEX Approved Open Channel Flow Meter
Ex-FlowSIREN ATEX Approved Flow Monitor For Open Channels and Sewers
The Ex-FlowSIREN™ is a 3G Wireless, Area Velocity, Flow Monitor used for Open Channel Flow in Zone 0 hazardous explosive environments. The monitoring platform is equipped with Dual Wave Doppler Velocity technology and a precision 30ft (10m) 15 PSI pressure depth transducer.
Price range : £75.00 - £4,555.76
FlowSIREN Multi Channel Wireless Logger for Flow, Pressure. Level & Water Quality
FlowSIREN Multi Channel Wireless Logger for Flow, Pressure. Level & Water Quality

The FlowSIREN™ data logger is a portable, rugged, wireless, field ready, multi-sensor, monitoring system. Available in a wall mount plugin or IP68 field ready configuration, the BlueSIREN® can be used for almost any kind of data collection project. One monitor can be configured for all applications depending on which sensors you connect to collect data. This monitor can be used for flow monitoring, sampling, water quality, wind, rain, security, pump station monitoring and many other applications. In addition to measuring and logging physical parameters it can also capture video images.

Price range : £9.75 - £1,361.98
PressurePUX Portable Wireless Pressure Logger
PressurePUX Portable Wireless Pressure Logger
The PressurePUX™ is a portable, rugged, compact, wireless, pressure logger. Our Default 20 Bar pressure sensor is great for monitoring water pressure or any fluid pressure. Higher or lower pressure gauges can be selected depending on your application. The optional rechargeable battery pack can be bolted to the back allowing for a fully portable, wireless, pressure logging solution. Great for potable and ground water monitoring.
Price range : £9.75 - £725.00
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