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Safsonic Fixed Doppler Flow Meter
  • Safsonic Fixed Doppler Flow Meter

DFM2 Fixed Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter

Quick Overview

The DFM2 is a microprocessor-controlled flow meter for the measurement and control of liquids flowing through process and effluent pipelines using the non-intrusive Doppler principle. The flow meter display indicates flow rate and total volume for a wide range of liquids, including aerated water, liquids containing suspended solids, slurries and sludges. The Safsonic DFM2 requires fluids with a minimum concentration of 100 ppm of solids or bubbles having minimum size of 100 microns. The unit has a 4-20mA output for flow rate, a pulse output for flow total and relay outputs
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The Doppler Flow Meter - DFM2 measures the velocity of fluids in pipelines using a totally non-intrusive principle. The DMF2 utilises a high speed, 16-bit microprocessor unit with 32-K byte FLASH memory. The user-friendly flowmeter comes with a range of features to ensure easy and reliable flow measurement. The flow signal from the flow sensor is continuously analysed and should the signal quality become unacceptable an error message is displayed.

Standard features include an isolated 4 – 20mA output signal, an isolated pulse output and a relay output.

It is designed for use with sewage, waste water, pulp stock, mining slurries, food products and other fluids which contain in excess of 0,1% suspended solids or bubbles. The particle size for successful operation must be greater than 100 microns.

Available configurations

The DFM2 sensor cable is 3 metres in length. The model DFM2-1 is designed to accept the flow signal directly from the sensor, and the flowmeter must be mounted within 3 metres from the sensor. The model DFM2-2 is supplied with an in-line amplifier. The 3 metre sensor cable is supplied connected to the in-line amplifier, and a is used to connect the in-line amplifier to the flowmeter.


Velocity Range: 0.25 to 10.0 m/s (0.82 to 30.5ft/s)
Accuracy: better than ±2% of rate for velocities >0.5m/s
Repeatability: ±2%
Cable Length: 3m Length from Sensor to transmitter and up to 100m from transmitter to display
Cable Preamplifier: Optional, <100m cable
Operating Temp.:

Sensors: -20 to 90°C
Electronics: -10 to 50°C
Enclosure: IP 67, Polycabonate wall mounted enclosure. Dimension: 125 x 125 x 75mm.
Transducers: IP68, Aluminium, epoxy-faced. Dimension: 21 x 80 x 57mm
Power Supply: 115/230vAC (6VA), 24vDC (4W)
Outputs: Active 4-20mA, 24vDC Auxiliary Power Supply, OCT Totaliser Pulse, Programmable Relay and RS485 Modbus RTU
Display: 2-line, 16 characters, backlit LCD. Rate and Total (Password Resettable)
Weight: 2Kg

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Price as configured: £2,599.58

2 - Sensor with Inline Amplifier.   +£0.00
M - Screened Cable from Flow meter Amplifier (Max 100m)   +£5.42

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Price as configured: £2,599.58


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Description       DFM2 Doppler Flowmeter. Non-invasive clamp on sensors for pipe sizes DN 25 and above. 2 line, 16 character backlit LCD display showing Flow total and Flow rate. Programmable 4-20mA, 24vDC pulse and relay outputs.

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Flow Meters
DFM2-1-2 Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter, 230Volt mains powered non -invasive microprocessor based meter for measuring the flow rate and total volume of liquids flowing through process and effluent pipelines. Suitable for a wide range of liquids, including aerated water, liquids containing suspended solids, slurries and sludges. The unit is suitable for pipe sizes from 25mm to 3000mm and has a 4-20mA output for flow rate, and a relay output for hi/low alarm. LCD display for flow rate and flow total.
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