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Solys 2 Sun Tracker
  • Solys 2 Sun Tracker

Solys2 Sun Tracker

Quick Overview

SOLYS2 is a cost-effective and simple sun tracking solution. It does not require a computer and software for installation because the integrated GPS automatically configures location and time data. Multi-colour LEDs indicate the operating status. The high-efficiency belt drive system requires no maintenance and the low consumption makes it ideal for use with solar and battery power systems. The sleep mode reduces power by 50 % at night-time. The SOLYS2 can operate from AC or DC power and can automatically switch from AC to back-up DC in the case of a mains power outage. SOLYS2 is supplied with a cast aluminium tripod stand and with the mountings for a Kipp & Zonen pyrheliometer already fitted. A weatherproof Ethernet port and an internal web interface allow for communication with a computer via a web browser to get or set a wide range of the tracker function and status parameters.
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The Solys 2 is used around the world in solar energy applications. It has Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) levels of performance and reliability. Installation and operation of the Solys 2 is much easier than any other sun tracker on the market.

The rugged and distinctive cast aluminum housing has an integrated tripod stand with leveling feet, tie-down bolts and azimuth adjustment. A side plate with zenith adjustment and mountings for a CHP 1 pyrheliometer is included. With the optional top mounting plate and shading assembly, the Solys 2 can be configured as a complete solar monitoring station with up to three ventilated radiometers. A large range of mounting kits are available for direct, or diffuse solar radiation instruments.

An advance over conventional sun trackers is the integrated GPS receiver to automatically configure location and time data upon installation and is regularly updated to avoid internal clock drift. Leveling is easily checked using the integrated bubble level on top and once correctly leveled and aligned
it will continue to point accurately. So, if the support for the tripod is stable and secure the tracker will point accurately at the sun using the internally calculated position. An optional sun sensor is available for active tracking to allow for any correction should the Solys 2 be moved.


Sun trackers are widely used in meteorological networks of solar monitoring stations that measure direct, diffuse and global radiation, for inputs to weather forecasting models. Other applications include atmospheric chemistry research, pollution forecasting and materials testing.

With increasing interest in renewable energy good quality solar radiation data is becoming increasingly important, particularly the direct component, with regard to electricity production (photo-voltaic systems) and thermal energy (solar collectors). Activities include research and development, production quality control, determination of optimal locations, monitoring installed systems and predicting the output under various sky conditions.



Pointing accuracy: < 0.05º
Payload: 20Kg
Power supply: 18 to 30vDC and 90 to 264vAC (50/60Hz)
Operating temperature range, DC: -20 to +50°C
Operating temperature range, AC: -40 to +50°C
Mounting base: Tripod stand
Dimensions: 500 x 340 x 380mm / 23kg (tracker), 5kg (tripod)
Communication interface: Ethernet / Web interface
Transmission type: Inverted tooth belts
Power consumption: 21W (reduces to 13W at night) 100W extra when heater is operating (AC only)

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Components / Downloads

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Solys 2 Sun Tracker
Solys 2 Sun Tracker with stand-alone solar tracking and integrated GPS receiver. Stepping motor drive through inverted tooth belts. Includes tripod with leveling feet and side mounting plate with mountings for a pyrheliometer. Directional accuracy less than 0.1 with passive tracking, less than 0.02 with active tracking (requires sun sensor). Torque 20Nm (23Nm when Sun tracking), payload 65kg (balanced). Power Supply 18 to 30vDC and 90 to 264vAC @ 21W (13W at night) plus 100W heater, AC only. Operating temperature range -20 to +50 C (DC power), -40 to +50 C (AC power). Ethernet & web interface communications. Multi-function power and status indicators. No software or PC required for installation and setup.
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Sensor Mounting Kits
Shading Ball Assembly. Including 2 shading balls on adjustable rods, large top mounting and second side mounting plate.
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Additional shading ball and rod to fit in the third position of the SOLYS 2 shading ball assembly.
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Large Top Mounting Plate for up to 3 global radiation instruments, with or without ventilation units.
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Small Top Mounting Plate for a single global radiation instruments, with or without ventilation units.
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Pyrheliometer Mounting Kit. To mount a CHP1/SHP1 series pyrheliometer to the side plate of the 2AP or Solys 2 Suntracker.
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Additional side mounting plate for a zenith axis shaft on the opposite side to the standard pyrheliometer mounting.
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Tilted Pyranometer Mounting Kit. To mount a CMP/SMP series pyranometer to the side plate of the 2AP or Solys 2 Suntracker.
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Solys 2 Accessories
Sun Sensor Kit. Allows for active sun tracking for long-term unattended operation of the Solys 2.
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