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Oct 01,2018
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CDI5450 Hot Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter

CDI5450 Hot Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter

The CDI 5450 is a hot tap compressed air flow meter is a modified version of the 5400 compressed air flow meter. The 5450 model allows for installation to be done without shutting down the compressed air system. The base assembly of the flow meter includes two valved ports for the probes and a muffler to collect the chips from the drilling process.

The flow meters provide a local display of compressed air flows with 4-20mA and pulse outputs, plus the option of Modbus RTU outputs. The flow meter consists of a base assembly that clamps onto the pipe and the flow meter locks into place to the base assembly for a secure seal once installed. Flow meters are suitable for pipe diameters from 2" up to 8".

The meter measures flow by maintaining one probe warmer than the other. It calculates the mass velocity from the amount of heat required, and then calculates the flow on the basis of pipe area. The flow rate, in scfm, is shown on a large, four-digit display; a 4-20 mA output and a pulse output permit remote display, totalizing and data collection.


  • Easy to install, no system shutdown to install
  • Installs in minutes
  • Digital display
  • Weather resistant and surge protected
  • 4-20mA and pulse outputs
  • User configurable scaling, filtering and units of measure
  • Complete flow meter in one package
  • Optional wired or wireless output for networking


The installation process consists of clamping the base assembly in place, drilling holes through two valves in the base plate using the supplied drill guide. The seal plate and filter assembly ensure a good seal to the pipework. The meter assembly then snaps into place and is finally secured with two safety screws. It takes about as long as installing one of our 5400 meters and does not require a system shutdown and a pressurised system will help ensure chips are collected by the muffler.

Further details are provided on the installation video below and the product page on our website.

CDI 5450 Installation VideoThe datasheet and further information can be found on the main CDI 5450 page.