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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >

Data logger solutions for your application.  Omni Instruments has a wide range of multi channel data logger systems from manufacturers such as DataTaker, Grant Instruments, Graphtec, Novus and Exemys.  Models such as the FieldLogger, Squirrel, GRD, DT80, DT85 are all offered and supported by our engineers.

Our complete range of data loggers cover various communication options such as remote GRPS, Ethernet, USB and MODBUS, allowing your logged data to be sent via email, downloaded through the web or sent to your mobile phone.  Each data logger has the ability to connect to a wide variety of signals including voltage, current, resistance, thermocouples, frequency and RTD's, as well as serial data from RS232, MODBUS, NMEA and CANBUS protocols.

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Single and Dual Channel Data Loggers for Pressure, Temperature, RH, mA & V
A selection of single and dual channel loggers suitable for monitoring pressure, temperature, humidity and process inputs, V, mV, mA, thermocouples and PT100. Ideal for all small scale monitoring applications.
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Panel and Enclosure Mounted Data Loggers
A range of data loggers designed to be panel mounted or wall mounted in enclosures. Loggers range from single channel to 72 channel inputs (up to 90 channels including logic channels). Loggers available inlude the panel mounted SRD-99 and wall mounted SRD-N16, which is suitable for 4-20mA & PT100 inputs, and the versatile multi-channel CMC-99 and CMC-141 data logger, which have a wide range of different input cards and can perform calculations on the input values.
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Remote Data Logging − Web Enabled, GPRS, Ethernet and Wireless Systems
Remote data logging systems for temperature, RH, pressure, flow, vibration and a wide range of sensors, analogue and digital signals, Wireless systems with ranges up to 3 KM. Ethernet, RS485/MODBUS and GSM/GPRS enabled loggers for remote data acquisition via LAN, WEB BROWSER, SMS text and email worldwide.
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Multi−Channel Universal Input Data Logger Range
Universal input, multi-channel, high resolution data loggers are Ideal for remote sites where the integral display and keypad programming allow easy, onsite configuration. Loggers can also be programmed using Windows software. Units available with 4 to 32 analogue inputs and up to 100Hz logging rates.
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DataTaker Data Logger Range
Multi-channel, universal input, 16Bit data loggers. A comprehensive range of loggers with 5 to 90 universal analog channels, up to 60 digital channels and various serial inputs including SDI-12, RS232 & RS485. Low power consumption and built in LCD display are ideal for remote or portable applications. Various GSM, GPRS & Ethernet communication options.
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Graphtec Data Logger Range
Portable high speed data loggers with colour LCD graph display and easy to use keypad for on site use. Up to 200 channel options with high speed sample rates up to 500kHz. USB, Ethernet, Wireless LAN or USB memory stick data download. GL240 are available from stock.
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Pace Scientific 4 and 8 Channel Data Logger Range
Compact, self powered, four and eight channel portable data loggers. Ideal for remote or mobile locations where no power is available. Memory options from 22,000 up to 256,000 readings, fast 200Hz sample rates, 8 to 12 bit resolutions. Ethernet, wireless and GSM/GPRS connection options.
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Eltek Specialist Data Logger Range
Eltek data loggers with from 4 inputs up to 96 inputs with various configurations for voltage, current, thermocouple, and thermister inouts. Also digital and counter channels.
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Specialist and Bespoke Logging Systems
Omni Instruments can design and build a data logging systems configured to your specific requirements, with a wide range of sensors, fitted in weatherproof housings or portable carry cases. Systems can include wireless or wired sensors and cover a wide range of different applications from small scale weather stations to large scale building monitoring systems. Weather stations, energy monitoring, subsea & offshore or gas detection monitoring systems can be found in the relevant sections of the website.
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