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Tinytag Transit 2 Temperature Logger


Omni Instruments : Product available from January 2015

Tinytag Transit 2 Temperature Logger

The Tinytag Transit 2 temperature logger is now available as a 5 pack with a discounted price. Select the TG-4080-X5 part to benefit from the special discounted pricing.

The Tinytag Transit 2 loggers are designed with shipment monitoring in mind and as BS EN12830 compliant. The Tinytag Transit 2 is a robust, lightweight temperature recorder and its low profile means that it can be easily slipped into product packaging. These loggers are an ideal solution for monitoring temperatures of shipments of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and many other products. Memory for up to 8,000 readings. Logging rate 1 sec to 10 days with min, max & actual readings, battery life up to 2 years.


Tinytag Transit2 5 Pack
Reading range -40 to +70°C
8,000 reading capacity
Cable or inductive offload
EN 12830 Compliant (S; T; C; D; 1)
User-programmable logging interval
2 user-programmable alarms
Delayed and trigger start options
3 stop options
Splash proof case
User-replaceable battery

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