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BM25 Wireless Transportable Multi-Gas Area Monitor


Omni Instruments : Product available from June 2014

BM25 Wireless Transportable Multi-Gas Area Monitor

The BM25 Wireless is a portable areas gas detector utilising a 2.4GHz RF signal to transfer alarm and fault detection over a wireless mesh network. The BM25 Wireless packs the benefits of a fixed-system area monitor into an easily transportable, yet rugged instrument with immediate connectivity between all installed units and units can easily be added or taken out of the monitored area. The Mesh system also allows each unit to operate as a node able to receive, send and relay data to any other BM25 Wireless unit in range.


1 to 5 gases can be simultaneously monitored
103 dB at 3 feet audible alarm
STEL and TWA values available
200,000 readings datalogging capacity (up to 4 months logging for 5 gases configuration)
Ultra-bright LED flashing beacon at 360°
Run time of 135 hours
4.5 Hours recharge, typical
Safe trickle charger available for long-term installations
IP66 impact resistant polycarbonate housing, resistant to harsh environments
Easily transportable - only 6.8Kg
Up to 30 BM25's meshed on a single network
Up to 16 independent networks with no interference
2.4GHz radio @ 100mW
up to 0.6 mile RF line of sight between each unit.

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