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OMC-160 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor CAA Approved

OMC-160 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor CAA Approved

Quick Overview

The OMC-160 is a stainless steel, spinning cup type Wind Speed and Direction Sensor, with NMEA0183 and TTL type outputs. The unit is robust, reliable and very accurate, and is CAA approved. Wind speed range 0.3 to 75 m/s. Suitable for operation in temperatures from -25 to +75 degrees C.

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The OMC-160 is a combined wind speed and direction sensor, with a spinning cup anemometer and wind vane. All external parts are stainless steel. A non contact measurement system is used fo rthe moving parts, providing a robust and reliable system with a long service life. The measurment system also delivers high accuracy within both the low range as well as the high range wind speeds. This sensor is commonly used within the shipping and offshore industry but can also be found on many airfields, container terminals and harbours, along highways and on bridges.



  • High accuracy sensor
  • Approved by CAA
  • Contact free sensing elements
  • High reliability in every environment
  • All expoced parts in Stainless steel
  • Serial TTY output or NMEA0183 (selectable)
  • Cable length up to 1000 m (4 core)
  • Heated option available
  • NATO stock no: 6660-17-112-7536

Technical Description
The OMC-160 comprises a combined in-line wind speed and wind direction sensor. The system is robust, corrosion resistive and easy to install. The wind speed sensor is a rotary-cup type, made UV resistant high quality polycar-bonate. Rotation of this cup-unit generates pulses in an optical encoder. The encoder is directly connected to the internal microprocessor. The wind direction sensor is a wind vane type, made from stainless steel. The wind vane drives a resolver, which is directly connected, to the inter-nal microprocessor as well.

The microprocessor translates the sine and cosine output from the resolver and the pulses from the wind speed into a combined digital string. Standard the wind sensor is sup-plied with a TTY output but also an NMEA0183 might be selected. Output frequency may also be selected from 1, 2, 3, or 4 times per second.
The wind sensor comes with a vertical mounting bracket which includes a junction box and two u-bolds for mast mounting
Observator has an in-house wind tunnel facility but is also able to provide a third party, traceable wind tunnel test certificate. This can be ordered as type number OMC-154 and will be drawn up by the University of Brussels.

Data Summary


  • 8 to 30vDC @ 60mA


  • Current loop ASCII coded output 20 mA
  • NMEA-0183 version 2.30


  • Weight 6.5 kg
  • Mounting pole with two clamps for pole max. 65 mm dia


  • Operating temperature –25 to 70°C
  • Moisture protection IP65
  • Humidity 10 to 95%
  • EMC EN 50081-1 class B, EN 50082-2
  • Conform RoHS directive 2002/95/EC en 2005/18/EC


  • Wind speed: better than 2% FRO
  • Wind direction: better than 3 degrees
  • Speed range: 0,3…75 m/s

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Components / Downloads

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OMC-160-3 sensor for wind speed and direction. Wind speed 0.3-75m/s, accuracy 2%, wind direction 0-359°, accuracy better than 3 degrees. Output NMEA0183, Operating temperature -55 to +750°C. Input voltage 8-30vDC, 60mA typical @ 12vDC Stainless steel external parts. Non contact measurement system. CAA approved. NATO stock no: 6660-17-112-7536.
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Calibration Certificate for OMC-150 and OMC-160 windspeed Calibration certificate for wind speed sensor, by V.U.B. (university of Brussels) 10-point calibration up to 40 m/s
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Heating set for OMC-16-2 wind sensor
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