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Wind Displays for 2-Axis Anemometers.

Wind Displays for 2-Axis Anemometers.

Quick Overview

The Wind Display is compatible with the 2-axis WindSonic and WindObserver, displaying wind speed and direction using highly visible LED technology. They are available in standard or marine format, 110 or 240vAC operation, with RS422 or NMEA inputs.
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The Wind Display is a combined wind speed and direction display designed to operate in conjunction with the WindObserver II and WindSonic wind sensors. Wind speed information is displayed using two, 3 digit LED arrays to display current wind speed and maximum or minimum gust information. Wind direction is display using a double ring of 36 LEDs indicating the current and average wind direction.

The Wind Display has a 220 or 115 VAC power supply and will provide the power for the wind sensor, whilst displaying information received from the WindSonic or WindObserver anemometers. Displays can be “daisy chained” to a second wind display to transfer wind sensor information for up to 1,000m.


  • Two 3-digit LEDs for real-time wind speed data
  • 36 LEDs showing wind direction (inc variation)
  • Standard wind display has 0-359° scale
  • Marine version shows 0-180° on both sides of the scale
  • Min/max gust indication
  • RS422 or NMEA for marine display
  • 2/10 minute averaging.
  • Wind speed displayed in m/s, Knots, mph, Km/h and Beaufort




Speed Display: 3 digit, 7 segment LED display, 14.3mm height
Gust Display: 3 digit, 7 segment LED display, 10.1mm height
Units: mph, m/s, knots, km/h, Beaufort
Averaging: 2 minutes, 10 minutes
Other: Minimum and Maximum gusts
Direction Display: 36 LEDs (circular layout), colour RED
Direction Average: 36 LEDs (circular layout), colour AMBER


Physical & Environmental

Power Supply: 220vAC or 115vAC
Dimensions: 144mm x 144mm x 94mm (W x H x D)
Ingress Protection: IP40
Humidity: 5 to 90%RH
Operating Temp: -30 to +60ºC
Weight: 800g

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Components / Downloads

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Wind Display - Meteorological
WINDDISPLAY - METEOROLOGICAL. Display:- Speed and Direction, 220V Supply, 15V supply for sensor
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Wind Display - Marine
WINDDISPLAY - MARINE. Display:- Speed and Direction, 15V supply for sensor
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