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Wind Speed and Direction Monitoring - The Shard

Wind Speed and Direction Monitoring - The Shard

Quick Overview

Omni Instruments supplied a wind speed and direction monitoring system to The Shard building in London to allow the wind conditions to be constantly monitored. Wind conditions need to be monitored to ensure window cleaning can be carried out in safe conditions.


The Shard building in London is one of the largest buildings in Europe. The building includes 11,000 glass panes that cover 56,000 square meters. All those windows require regular cleaning so that people in all the offices, restaurants, hotels, view points and apartments can enjoy the view of the London Skyline. To do this, window cleaners will spend 3 months abseiling down the outside of the building before going back to start it all over again.

In order to ensure that the cleaning can be carried out safely, the constant monitoring of the wind speed and direction is critical. Wind speeds in excess of 25mph mean that any work outside the building cannot safely be carried out. The monitoring equipment provide by Omni Instruments ensures the wind speed is constantly monitored and that information is available to those working on the outside of the Shard.

The system comprised of a Datataker DT80 data logger and 4 Windsonic solid state wind speed and direction sensors mounted around the outside of The Shard.

  • Data continuously recorded and transferred via FTP to client
  • Solid state wind sensors are robust and require no maintenance

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