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RWS-05 Remote Weather Station

RWS-05 Remote Weather Station

Quick Overview

Complete Remote Weather Station with a GSM/GPRS logger and wind speed and direction sensor. This weather station is based around the GRD3305-XF datalogger, which will send the data directly to a web server running the Middleware software, or our own M2M web interface. Data is sent in real-time to the server and our M2M web interface will provide graphical and chart views, e-mail & SMS alarming and allow data to be downloaded to a CSV file. Each base weather station is supplied with a 50W solar panel, charger and a back up battery capable of providing up to 2 week backup. The weather station can be expanded to cover additional parameters, including: barometric pressure; air temperature & relative humidity; solar radiation; soil temperature; water depth; rainfall, etc. The included solar panel and battery back up will provide c140mA to cover all the sensor options with a 2 week battery back up.
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The RWS-05 combines a GRD3305-XF GSM/GPRS datalogger with the WindSonic anemometer to provide a very adaptable base weather station in an ABS enclosure with a 50W solar panel and 55Ah AGM battery. This set up will provide a remote weather station with a constant power supply of 140mA and up to 2 weeks battery back up.


  • RWS-05 is a versatile GSM/GPRS weather station that can be easily expanded or adapted to suit any application.
  • The GRD3305-XF provide the GPRS/GSM datalogging for remote installation with real time data available.
  • Wind parameters are provided by the WindSonic anemometer.
  • Up to 4 additional analogue sensors and 4 digital input sensors can be added to the RWS-05
  • Fully compatible with our M2M web interface
  • Solar powered weather station with a 2 weeks battery back up
  • Rugged weatherproof case
  • Simple to deploy
  • Large range of additional sensors available

The GRD datalogger has an internal memory of 50,000 readings that will allow the unit to continue logging in the event that the connection to the server is lost. This could be due to a regular maintenance schedule or emergency repairs.

The GRD logger will interface with a web server running the Middleware software and create a MySQL database on the server that can be used to interface with your own systems. You can also use our M2M web interface to provide an online interface that can be access from anywhere in the world over the internet. This interface allows you to view the latest data, historical data, graphs of collected readings, generate alarms or download the collected data for further analysis.

To view our M2M Web Interface publishing data from a range of remote data acquisition devices
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Additional sensors can be fitted to provide various different parameters as required to fit virtually any remote logging application. Sensors can be added to provide temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, water depth, water quality, solar radiation, rain fall, etc. The most popular additional sensors are available below.

Weather stations can be augmented and tailored to your specific requirements and can be made to fit any requirements you may have. If you have any specific requirements that you would like to discuss, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements and get a quotation. 

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Components / Downloads

For further information, technical advice, or a quotation please call or email us. If you are not sure which product you need one of our technical sales advisors will be happy to discuss your application. We also accept company purchase orders by fax or post. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product.

RWS-05 GPRS/GSM Remote Weather Stations
RWS-05 remote weather station for wind speed & direction monitoring via a GPRS/GSM data logger. The weather station comes complete with a GRD3305-XF data logger, Windsonic anemometer (including pole mounting adaptor), 50W solar panel, charge regulator and 55Ah AGM battery. The weather station is housed in an ABS enclosure with bulkhead connectors for the required sensors and mounting bracket for mounting the solar panel to a tripod.
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Optional Sensors
Barometric pressure transducer, range 0.75-1.25 Bar Abs, accuracy 0.1%, 4-20mA O/P, 10-24V supply, G1/4 male connection, 2M flying lead 4 core cabled. With inline connector.
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HC2-S Temperature & Relative Humidity sensor with a stevenson screen and 5 metres of cable, inline mating connector for weather station. Range -40 to +60°C, 0-100% RH. Output 0-1V.
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Silicon Pyranometer, spectral range 0.4-1.1um, response time < 1 sec, 5m cable and inline connector., with amplifier for 4-20mA O/P.
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Rain gauge for RWS weather station. 6" Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, resolution 1 pulse per 0.01" (0.254 mm). Anodised aluminium collector. With 5 metres of cable and inline connector.
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Portable Tripod
Weather station tripod mounting kit with 2m pole. The legs on this tripod are not adjustable for uneven surfaces and ground should be levelled prior to installation. ¼" stake kit (M-SKB), ½" Stake kit (M-SKA), Guy wire kit (M-GWA) and Grounding kit (M-GKA) are available separately.
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Weather station tripod mounting kit with 3m pole.
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