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Rutland 1200 Wind Charger
  • Rutland 1200 Wind Charger

Rutland 1200 Windcharger

Quick Overview

The Rutland 1200 is capable of trickle charging battery banks of up to 175Ah. Tri-namic profile blades allow for a low wind speed start up, high wind speed power performance and yet still achieve almost silent running across all wind speeds. Low friction generation and its inertia drives the turbines between gusts to capture more energy. The Rutland 1200 is supplied with a MPPT charger controller, which can be used with the Rutland 1200 and up to 20A of solar panels.
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  • Low wind speed start up of just 2.5m/s
  • Generates 290W @ 11m/s, 40W @ 5m/s
  • Low friction 3 phase rare earth magnets, brushless generator design
  • Tri-namic blades for low start up speed, high speed performance and near silent running.
  • Supplied with state of the art MPPT controller.
  • No radiated interference - complies with EEC directive 89/336/EEC

Tri-namic Blade Profile

This is our unique blade design that brings together three key performance features in a single blade profile.

  1. The Rutland 1200 model maintains our reputation for turbines with a very low windspeed start up – this means that turbines will start to capture energy from the lowest and most commonly experienced wind flows so you can rely on your Rutland for the energy you need.
  2. The finely designed blade profile remains almost silent across all wind speeds so you can rest assured that you and your neighbours will not be disturbed by aerodynamic noise. We have benchmarked this important feature against existing competitors and the Rutland 1200 is the quietest in the market.
  3. It’s powerful – in high winds the Rutland 1200 blade achieves high rotation levels thus delivering more power than any other turbine of its diameter range at 3, 6, 12 & 15m/s (6, 12, 23 & 29Knots)

Powerful Turbine Generator

The vast experience at Marlec shines through in our new rare-earth magnet generator.  Rare-earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets manufactured.  They produce significantly stronger magnetic fields than other types and require careful handling but pay back swiftly in the power they are able to induce.

Low friction is critical to low wind speed performance and we have taken these super strength magnets into our new design of brushless generator yet maintained low wind speed start-up.  The Rutland 1200’s supporting structure, called the nacelle, is constructed of high quality marine grade materials such as a stainless steel shaft.  The sleek outer casing is made from lightweight but robust mouldings to a high UV resistance specification which contrasts the distinctive blue anodised generator casing.

State of the Art Controller Included

Maximum Power Point Tracking technology is used on both the wind turbine and solar panel inputs to electronically boost the power outputs, charging your batteries faster.  The controller intelligently controls the inputs and battery voltage to give efficient charging and fine battery voltage regulation and maintenance.

Input capacity of the unit is high, accepting both the Rutland 1200 with up to 20A of solar panels, that’s 250W @ 12V and 500W @ 24V.   Outputs to 2 battery banks make this an ideal solution for keeping batteries charged on sailing yachts.

Speed governing of the turbine occurs electronically from the controller, this becomes active at 15m/s or 29Kn or 35mph.  This intermittently alters the speed of the turbine to reduce aerodynamic and electrical stresses on the system.

A remote digital display available now.  The controller has built in LED indicators and shutdown switches for the charge inputs.


Rutland 1200 Diagram


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Components / Downloads

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Rutland WG1200 Windcharger 12V Output. 483W at 29 knots wind speed.
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Rutland WG1200 Windcharger 24V Output. 483W at 29 knots wind speed.
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