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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger
Kenny Laidlaw
Oct 01,2018
The MSR175 shock transportation data logger is the newest miniature logger from MSR.  The MSR175 more >

Renewable Energy Monitoring

Omni Instruments provides a range of sensors and systems suitable for measuring and recording renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and wave energy, and also the power generated by such systems. We can also provide performance measurements so that input and output energy can be corellated.

Solar Energy
We can provide sensors for solar radiation, incoming global radiation, UV and infrated light spectrums. We have built many systems for monitoring solar panel arrays, measuring the incoming solar radiation, panel temperature, AC and DC  voltage, AC and DC current, and KWH. using our GPRS enabled data acquistion units we can also send this data in real time to a web interface where users can view the real time staus and historical perfomance of one or more sites.

Wind Energy
For wind generation projects we can provide solid state wind speed and direction sensors, including advanced sensors with 3D wind profiling. We also offer small weather stations for hire for investigating suitable wind generation sites. For the assessment of turbine performance we have sensors for the measurement of vibration, acceleration and 3D motion. As with solar systems we also provide complete systems measuring DC and AC output current/voltage.

Wave Energy
For wave energy projects we can provide sensors for measuring water depth, wave force, x,y,z acceleration and 3D motion. We have also built subsea systems for measuring and logging this data.


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GRD Solar Panel Efficiency Monitoring System
GRD Solar Panel Efficiency Monitoring System
The GRD Solar Panel Efficiency Monitoring System measures solar radiation, solar power output ( Dc voltage and current or water temperature ), and current weather data such as air temperature, wind speed etc. and delivers the data wirelessly using GPRS to a secure web page.
Price range : £13.10 - £1,948.00

2-3 Weeks Del.

GEN II Wireless Energy Monitoring System
GEN II Wireless Energy Monitoring System
The GENII wireless energy monitoring system is able to cover a wide range of parameters. Transmitters are available for direct connections to ND-350 Power meters, U6 Gas meters, various heat meters, flow meters and other energy monitoring devices. A system can be customised to your requirements, with battery or externally powered transmitters to cover any parameter and can be linked up to a GEN II Environmental Monitoring System to cover all your monitoring in one complete system. Up to 250 channels can be sent back to a single receiver logger unit over a 2-3Km range, with repeaters available to extend this range and deal with more difficult environments. The receiver logger will read the data from only the desired transmitters in range and multiple systems can be installed in one location to provide all the parameters into an easy to use format for data analysis.
Price range : £40.00 - £1,010.00
RaZON+ Solar Monitoring System
RaZON+ All-In-One Solar Monitoring System
The RaZON+ is an all-in-one solar monitoring system that can accurately monitor the direct and diffuse solar irradiance. The unit comes with integrated pyrheliometer to measure the DNI and a shaded pyranometer to measure the DHI. The RaZON+ uses the DNI and DHI values to calculate the Global Horizontal Solar Irradiance, which provides a more accurate value than an unshaded pyranometer. The integrated data logger will log all the readings in a single data set and allow the readings to be accessed via Ethernet or RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or ASCII protocols. Data is also available via a WiFi connection allowing data, graphs and status information to be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. An extra Modbus input allows for additional sensors to be connected for compact weather stations, additional solar instruments or various temperature sensors.
Price range : £47.00 - £9,445.00
Customised MetPak Weather Station
Customised MetPak Weather Station
This section provide a complete weather station solutions based around the MetPak weather station with an integrated WindSonic anemometer. The MetPak will provide the wind speed, direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and dew point readings, whilst the attached data logger provide a range of options for additional inputs and data transfer options, including local downloading and remote GSM/GPRS data transfer.
Price range : £83.54 - £1,414.00
Power Logger for AC Current, Voltage, kWh
Power Logger for AC Current, Voltage, kWh
Utilizing the SQ2010 data logger, along with AC current clamps, AC voltage sensors and kWh sensors this system can be used to monitor electrical power consumption on single phase or multiphase supplies.
Price range : £16.00 - £895.00

1 Week Del.

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