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Series 36XW Level Transmitter
  • Series 36XW Level Transmitter

Series 36XW Digitally Compensated Submersible Level Transmitter

Quick Overview

Series 36XW submersible pressure transmitters are highly precise level transmitter with integrated temperature sensors for active temperature and non-linearity compensation. Available with sensors suitable for water depth monitoring of 1 up to 300m H20. RS485 Modbus RTU output as well as standard rangeable voltage and current outputs. PR36 units are available with a vented tube and PAA36 units would require a separate barometric sensor for accurate water level calculations. Suitable for fresh or sea water applications.

Hazardous Area Approved

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The Series 36XW uses a stable, piezoresistive transducer and integrated tempertaure sensor to allow for temperature dependencies and non-linearities of the transducer to be mathematically compensated. The micro-processor electronics with integrated 16-bit  D/A converter allows for analogue signal outputs as well as the digital output to be transmitter. Up to 128 individual addresses are available allowing 128 transmitters to be interconnected on a single network using Modbus RTU or Keller BUS protocol.

PAA-36 X W Absolute, Zero at Vacuum

This probe is applied when the atmospheric pressure is measured by a separate barometer and when the water level is calculated as the difference between the absolute value and the ambient pressure. Cable material Polyolfin (PE-based).

PR-36 X W Gauge, Zero at atmospheric Pressure

This probe is fitted with durable cable with an integral vent tube to the atmosphere. These level transmitters can be subject to internal condensation caused by installations in cold water on warm, humid days. If the reference tube is not terminated in a warm, dry enclosure, KELLER recommends the use of a purpose built cartridge filled with a silica gel which is fitted at the end of the reference tube. Cable material Polethylene (PE)


Pressure Ranges: 0-10, 0-30, 0-100 or 0-300 mH2O.
Output: RS485 4-20mA 0-10V 0.1-2.5V
Power Supply: 8-32vDC 8-32vDC 13-32vDC 3.2-32vDC
Power Consumption: <8mA 3.2-22.5mA <8mA <5mA
Output Rate:
Resolution: 0,002 %FS
Storage-/Operating Temperature Range: -20...80°C

Technical Drawing

Series 36XW Technical Drawing


Serial Interface
The X-line products have a digital interface (RS485 half duplex), which supports the MODBUS RTU and KELLER Bus protocols.

The licence-free CCS30 software can be used for initial configuration, or to record the measured values. An RS485 converter (i.e. K-114 or USB-i485) and a PC, or Laptop, allows the pressure to be displayed, units changed, a new gain or zero set and other calibration adjustments. The analogue output may also be adjusted to any range within the compensated range. Click the CD below to go to the download page.

Measurement collection Control Centre Series 30 Software

• Graphical live display
• Adjustable measurement and storage interval
• Export function
• Parallel recording in Bus operation


• Call up of information (pressure and temperature range, software version, serial number etc.)
• Readjustment of zero point and amplification
• Rescaling of analog output (unit, pressure range)
• Adjustment of low-pass filter
• Selection of instrument address and baud rate

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Price as configured: £470.00


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Description       Series 36XW Highly Precise Level Pressure Transmitters. Digitally Compensated and rerangeable analogue output options. Wetted material 316L Stainless Steel and Viton seals.

Components / Downloads

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PR36XW Submersible level transmitter
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PR36XW EI intrinsically safe submersible level transmitter

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Keller RS485 to USB Converter
K114 RS485 to USB Converter with Screw Terminals. Connects to a PC via a USB (A) port and to the LEO 3 via screw terminals. Converter will provide a 10vDC power supply for a single LEO 3 and has a DC socket for an external supply to allow several devices to be connected to a PC via a single K-104 converter.
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